Towing Race Mod Apk 2022 (Unlimited Money & Gems)

DeveloperRollic Games
RequirementAndroid 4.0+
Size263.12 MB
CategoryGames, Racing
Updated3 days ago

During the Towing Race, players drive a car towed by equipment that can pull multiple tons. In this game, you will drive different vehicles like Trucks, Tanks, Buses on the off-road tracks. A successful runner must beat his opponent to the finish line. Your car will gain more capabilities, your cable will be more robust, and you will be able to upgrade your engines, brakes, and clutch of your transportation if you succeed in racing events like these.

The goal of Towing Race is to tow as many vehicles as possible in each scene by getting into powerful cars. When you improve the condition of your vehicles, you’ll be able to pull heavy trucks. Getting the hang of the game is easy. You need to keep pressing the screen. If you chain a heavy vehicle to your car, you will start to pull it. Hold your finger still when the danger icon appears to prevent the chain from breaking. Other cars must also be precise to compete with you.

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Gameplay Of Towing Race Mod Apk:

In Towing Race Mod Apk, you tow things behind powerful trucks while driving down short tracks. Boats, trucks, and tanks will all have to be yanked if you want to win. We think you’re reading this to win, so you probably want to win. You’re in the right place if that’s the case. Our Towing Race cheats, hints, tips, and guides will help you complete the game. You’ll always come out on top if you follow these steps.

Keeping your finger on the screen will snap your chain, no matter how long or how strong it is. To determine when the tension is too great, you should press and lift instead, using your phone’s vibration. You should stop pulling the chain if an exclamation mark appears above it. In addition, you will notice the chain turning red when something is wrong. Be sure to follow these cues to not fail the level or snap your chain.

towing trucks and heavy vehicles

This game offers you tons of things that keep you entertained all the time. Moreover, if you think you need to pay money to download this game from our website, then it’s completely wrong. It’s 100% free to download, and it does not contain any viruses and malware. So what are you waiting for? Let’s download this game right now for free!


The mod version of Towing Race is the best way to experience all of the game’s features and get unlimited access to them. The Towing Race MOD APK will give you unlimited money and coins without having to watch advertisements. Thus, there is no restriction on your purchases and your running style.

Graphics and Sound: 

In terms of images of cars, trucks, and other vehicles, the game retains its style. Moreover, other things like towing your truck, background images, tracks, roads make you happy all the time. With its graphics quality, you love to play towing race mod apk all the time on your mobile phone. Rollic Games made a very smart move with this. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to make a blockbuster racing game popular.

Upgrade evenly: 

Power and chain strength should be targeted during upgrades but in an even manner. When your chain becomes too strong without becoming more powerful, it will break too often. You will finish second in every race if you increase chain strength without increasing power. When you have extra money, increase your earning potential.

Final Verdict

When you download the Towing Race Mod Apk game, you can download different off vehicles like Trucks, Buses, Tanks on the off-road track. This feature of this game is going to make you happy while playing. Test your abilities by downloading this game from our website for free. Moreover, if you have any issues, then let us know via the comment section. We love to help you all the time. 

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The downloading process is not so difficult. All you need to do is to click on the Download Button to reach the Direct Downloading Page of this game. Once the page opens, you again see the Button. You just need to click on it. Within a few seconds, you can see the game start downloading on your phone.

After that, you need to open the File Explorer or File Manager App from your phone. Then go to the Downloads folder and look for the Apk File. Once you get it, open it and then tap on the install button.

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