Stickman Warriors Mod Apk 2022 Super Dragon Fight (Unlimited Health) – v.1.4.0

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Though action games are challenging, this quality of such games is precisely what makes them most appealing. Actions games are widely popular amongst gamers since they require various reflexes and activities such as jumping, combat, solving, and chasing. Stickman Warriors Mod Apk offers the perfect blend of both action and role-playing genres by allowing you to have direct control over your characters while also giving the stats importance to find out the strengths and weaknesses of your character. 

This game allows you to become one of the Dragon Ball Z heroes and fight with the Dragon Ball enemies to protect the earth. Along with that, you will also be offered tons of unique characters with specific skills and styles. You must fight all the evil in the dynamic battles using the fighting skills of your characters and pumping new skills and consequently saving and protecting all those on earth with the help of swift handling and a wide variety of features. You will surely stay entertained with all the upgrades and enhancements of your characters.

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Features of Stickman Warriors Mod Apk:

We have listed some of the features and functionalities of Stickman Warriors Super Dragon Fight unlimited health.

More than 100 characters

Game Stickman Warriors offers you more than 100 characters with unique skills and styles that you can choose based on your preference. Since all the characters have exceptional skills and techniques, you cannot select any and make the decision entirely based on your liking. 

Story Mode

To make it more rewarding, there are more than 144 levels in the story mode that will assist you in collecting the stickman characters faster and quicker. Not only that, the maps on the game are updated quite often. 

Versus Mode

This exciting feature allows you to play against your favorite enemies. It is you versus and your favorite opponent against each other heads-on. In this mode, you have to play three rounds with the desired enemy. At the end of the third round, it will be decided who the winner is.


You can play a tournament and beat all the enemies by contesting against them in a series of rounds. Fight with all the enemies that come in your way that lead to ultimate victory to become a champion.

Training Mode

We all know that practice is what makes a man perfect. That is precisely how you can ace all the matches in Stickman Fight Warriors Mod Apk. Practicing your skills in the game can help you get used to the skills of the new characters. Practice as much as you want in the training mode by fighting against the dummy with no time limit limiting you and preparing yourself for the new journey that awaits you. 

Wide range of special moves

This game offers you a wide variety of unique and distinctive moves for all the fighters you can upgrade and unlock. Improve the performance of your players by opening these moves and ace the match.

Super Saiyan

If you are a fan of Dragon Ball Z, you would know that super Saiyan is an advanced and extraordinary transformation taken by both the members and the hybrids of the Saiyan race. Saiyan race is the race of extraterrestrials in the Dragon Ball Franchise. In the stickman warriors – Super Dragon Shadow Fight mod apk, the Saiyan has super basic controls of all time. 

Ultra Instinct Characters

Being an ultimate technique, Ultra Instinct allows the consciousness to separate from the body, making it easy for the body to fight and function without the interruption of emotions and thoughts. Stickman Warriors has Ultra Instinct characters, and this technique is not limited to anyone as super Saiyan is limited to Saiyans only.

Easy and intuitive

Games that take long to learn and usually play make one give up. However, Stickman Warriors – Super Dragon Shadow Fight APK is intuitive and straightforward. With only minimal effort, you can learn to play it quickly as it is designed so that you won’t have to overthink it credited to its intuitive gameplay. 

Saiyan transformations

The universe of Dragon Ball is not complete without super cool Saiyan transformations. These transformations made a massive change in the dragon ball story by giving each character different characteristics and appearances. 

Super fighters

In Stickman Warriors hack Apk, you become the strongest stick warrior and improve your performance by collecting Dragon Ball Z super fighters such as Xeno, ssj4, ultra instinct (UI), z ssj3, and dragon ssj2. Collecting these will help you strengthen your performance and ace the game.

Tips and Tricks for stickman warriors – super dragon shadow fight Premium apk


One of the major mistakes that most players make is that they don’t block. By not blocking, you are only increasing your chances of damage. To avoid this, often block and don’t stand near the opponents when you power up to be saved from your opponents hurting you and preventing the damage. 

Patience is the key

Enemies usually start attacking you as soon as the match begins. That may cause you to panic and lead you to believe that you should do the same. However, that should not be the case. Just block the enemy, and they will continue wasting their powers, which means that they will have to raise their mana, allowing you to have a chance to attack them later on.

Raise your mana often

Generating mana is essential, so each time you get a chance to raise it, do so. Raise it as much as you can and often too. Try not to use it without giving it a thought. Having mana, especially having lots of it after transformation, can allow you to hit your opponent with a destructive combo stun your enemy. 

Don’t allow your enemy to generate mana

Initially, block your enemy and be patient as they attack you. Once they start farming their mana, shoot them. Raising their mana can allow them to hit you with an ultimate attack stunning you, so make sure they always stay low on their mana. 

Stickman Warriors Mod Apk all heroes unlocked

Choose your heroes thoughtfully and keep an eye on their attack damage to know the heroes that can make Ko Combo attacks. You can attack your enemy with this combo when their hp is significantly low. Then you can execute this astonishing Ko Combo attack against them.

20-second defeat

With this unique trick, you can defeat any character in 20 seconds or less. To achieve that, press your punch key three to four times and then press the Ki button. By mastering this trick involving these two buttons only, you can achieve the 20-second defeat quite easily. 

Play with any character

To play with any character you want:

  1. Go to training mode and choose the character of your choice.
  2. Later on, go to versus mode and choose some character and finish one match by playing with that character.
  3. Go to training mode again, the character will be unlocked.

However, make sure you do not click on any other character, as you’ll have to go through all the steps all over again. Follow the exact instructions for all the characters you want to play. 

Unlimited Money and Gems

stickman warrior mod apk provides unlimited everything(coins, gems, diamonds, and money, etc.,.play a tournament match and collect your rewards. After you have collected your rewards, do not exit the tournament section nor click replay. Exit the game by closing the app and remember not to tap the back button while doing it. Open the app again and go to the tournaments section, tap next, and voila, you have got rewards again. To get more rewards, exit the app again by using the same method. You can repeat it as many times as you’d like. 

Top ten Unlocked Characters new version for PVP mode

Though all heroes are amazing and you have to keep practicing to make sure you master them. Some heroes can be better than others, so the top ten heroes in PvP mode of stickman simulator battle of warriors are mentioned below. Please keep in mind that this list is entirely subjective. 

God Gomu and Geta

These characters are good choices since Goku can close gaps pretty well if the opponent is getting further away. Vegeta has pretty good bursts and attacks. They both are pretty similar when it comes to the damage they do, so choose it on your preference.

Ruto Beast

When it comes to Gomu and Vegeta, you can either block or dodge their attacks, but with Ruto, you have to block it since you can’t dodge it. The punch kick combo of Ruto is super fast and destructive. His ultimate attack can cause much damage. 

Ultra Gomu and Veta

Geta is pretty good at blasting with high bursts and range attacks. Gomu has instant dash melee combo 


With deadly sword attacks, Haret is super powerful and causes a lot of damage. However, his attacks are quite easy to block. If you time blocks correctly, you can get away with the damage.


He has a good range with a punch kick combo. His ultimate is undodgeable, which is why you should never try to dodge that attack if it is made since it is super powerful. Just block it. He does quite a lot of damage, although his hp is not a lot.


Migra has a lot of hp and comes in third high hp having heroes. He does so much damage and is a close attacker, so it can take some time to master his skills, but he is an amazing hero to play with once you do so. 


With Mekaruba, you cannot dodge his ultimate at all. He does a lot of damage, and it comes around in the third most significant damage. 


Though Kasindai does not have much hp, his attack is the highest out of all other heroes. Although his ultimate is dodgeable, your chances of surviving once you get hit by it are pretty low. 


Ashuka can pretty much break block attacks and can break the guards


Stickman Warriors Mod Apk dragon ball has so many pros that will ensure that your gameplay remains smooth and entertaining. Some of the pros are:

●     Save your game

In this game, you can pretty much save the progress of your game and pick up from where you left at any time. Your scores, characters, and streaks will remain protected, and this feature is available on all devices. 

●     Play offline

Since this is an offline game, there are no restrictions on you having to play it with internet access. You can play it on your device without turning your wifi ON. That will allow you to play this game and have the best time even when you cannot find an internet connection or are out in public but don’t want to use public wifi. 

You can also connect with your friend using a communication application like azwhatsapp latest version and play with them.

●     No lag

Lags can be pretty annoying when it comes to video games since they make the experience horrible. However, stickman fight warrior plays smoothly without any lag that will cause any hindrance at all. 

●     Variety

There is a lot of variety in this game that keeps it from getting repetitive and keeps you from getting bored. There are so many characters and not only of Dragon Ball Z but also of Naruto. So if you are an anime fan, you will be interested in trying this game with its amazing graphics and quality. Apart from that, you can play in different modes such as story mode, tournament, PvP, and even training mode.


 There aren’t many issues with this game, but you can still see some cons in the app, such as, 

●     Ads

Ads are a super annoying part of every game. According to some players, this game has too many ads popping, leaving their gameplay getting affected. 

●     PvP

Though PvP means player vs. player, many players often find bots inside this mode. These bots are incomparable to actual players as their tactics are insanely impossible. Once you get near them, you have lost the game. Players are waiting for the developers to fix this issue. 

●     No matches with friends

Players complain that even with multiplayer, you cannot play with your friends but just strangers. This can be super disappointing for those who want to have a great time with them while playing this game.

What’s New:

The latest update of Stickman Warriors Mod Apk offers,

  • You can add Chrimas Gokan and Christman Goki
  • You can add more gift codes
  • Minor bugs are fixed
  • Improvements


stickman warriors mod apk
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Download Stickman Warriors Mod Apk:

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Yes, you can play it offline since it’s an offline game. You won’t have any hindrance even if you turn your WiFi and your mobile data off.

Yes, Stickman Warriors Mod Apk is free to play. However, there are in-app purchases in the game that you can make on your preference and decision. 

You will find many Anime characters in this game, such as from the Dragon Ball universe and Naruto.

Keep on practicing in training mode and try to keep a keen eye on your opponent’s tactics. This will help you improve yours. Along with that, be patient rather than trying to overpower your opponent immediately.

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