Smash Hit Mod Apk 2022 Unlimited Balls

RequirementAndroid 2.0+
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Hey! If you are bored and are trying to find something to kill your boredom, how about smashing some glass and hitting objects just for the sake of fun and entertainment? Try this stress buster and enjoy your leisure time. Smash hit mod apk is popular among all age groups as it is very addictive. It is one of the best arcade games available on the internet to kill boredom. Even though some people might not like the idea of breaking and smashing stuff, but this game has made it fun for the players, and they get addicted to shattering the glass with the available balls. As the player passes the checkpoints, his speed increases, and he has to face more obstacles.

The original game only offers a limited number of balls and those balls should not be wasted, and players have to use them efficiently to break as many doors and birds as possible. But the modified version awards them unlimited balls to throw and survive in the game.

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Features of Smash Hit Premium Apk:

The game is also famous because of the villain in the film “Die Hard”. Do you remember the dialogue of Hans Gruber “Shoot the glass”. It is an enjoyable game and has attracted players worldwide and gained impressive ratings and reviews. Smash hit pro version is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Smash The Obstacles:

The gameplay is easy and fun as the players have to shoot heavy objects on glass doors and windows coming in their way. The players can enjoy hitting and smashing glass as they proceed to win the game. The more the players will smash the glass, the more money points they will earn. The players have to use the available balls and keep hitting till they run out of balls.

Boost Your Enerygy:

The players can boost their energy by leveling up. This level-up can boost their energy and improve their ability to throw balls. These combo stations for leveling up allow the players to throw an infinite number of balls continuously. This release of endless balls simultaneously ensures maximum glass obstacles, which helps the players move forward.


In this game, the only goal for the players is to smash everything in their way by tapping to win the game. Smash and ruin everything on the way, whether it is a glass door, obstacles flying birds, pitfalls, laser guns, etc.
The players have to tap the screen to release the balls to hit the glass obstacles. They will be awarded the score according to the number of barriers they’ll smash. Moreover, if the players get interrupted by the glass barrier, they will lose the game.


This fear of losing the game urges the players to smash all the glasses in their way. They have to try to go as far as they can to earn more points. With the earned points, the players can get more balls. In the first few levels, the pace of this game is a bit slow, but as the players pass the checkpoints, the speed increases. Plus, the number of obstacles also increases with each passing checkpoint.


Smash Hit Mod Apk offers a great user interface with excellent graphics. 3D space is used in this game to deliver a realistic look when the debris splashes. The game comprises 50 rooms and 11 fabulous scenes. This game gives a smooth ride through the different rooms and locations as the players throw balls at all the obstacles in their way. This game is a work of remarkable graphics.
The ongoing action scenes have a perfect music combination making the game more fun to play. Unique soundtracks bring a tremendous experience for the players of this game.

No Content Violation:

This game is free of violent content. It only involves the smashing of glass objects with balls. This game can serve as a great stress buster. Whenever you feel down or angry, you can smash some glass to relieve stress.

Smash Hit Online Unblocked:

This addictive game offers another excellent advantage: the players can enjoy this game without an internet connection. They can play and enjoy the game in offline mode.


Smash hit Premium Apk has the most accessible controls, as the players only have to touch/tap the screen to throw or release the balls at the glass objects. The players can figure out the flight trajectory after a few plays and get a high score. The key to winning this game and get a high score is finger reflexes.


The view of this game is horizontal, and the players should use two fingers to tap on the screen to earn more points as they can hit more targets with two fingers tapping on the screen. The points made by playing with two fingers can be much more than playing with one finger.

Tips and Tricks for Smash Hit Pro Game:

The players need to know that the balls are limited, and they have to be thoughtful of utilizing the balls to destroy maximum obstacles. They don’t necessarily have to throw balls at the barriers, and they can save the balls for future usage by avoiding or dodging the obstacles. The players have to be smart about the ball usage and the ball’s trajectory to destroy more glass and earn more points.
The players should use both hands and delicately throw the metal ball to destroy maximum targets in the way. Smash hit hack download provides the players with unlimited balls and other benefits to enjoy this game more freely. The download button is given below, and the procedure is straightforward.

What’s New:

Smash hit Game Free version helps the players to access all the new Mod features offered by this game such as;

  • Unlimited balls
  • Premium version
  • Anti-ban
  • Free of advertisements
  • 64-bit compatibility
  • Bug-free
  • Unlock screens
  • Free access to paid features

Download Smash Hit Full latest Version:

Rating : 4.8

Review : 8100

Highest Review : 5

Lowest Review : 1


Once you install the game the first thing you will see is a resource bar. It will show you how much resources are stored in your game. You can collect gems, coins, coins and gold with a single tap of a finger. Or you can download the premium version of this game to enjoy free resources.

Yes, smash hit apk download is 100% safe. You don’t have to worry about it, as the downloaded apk file will not affect your device data. But make sure to download the game from a credible source.

You can select the option of “Get Premium” and then choose the option “Restore purchases,” and you are done. Enjoy Premium mod version of smash hit mod apk 2021.

No, there is no need to root the device to download this game.

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