My Singing Monsters Mod Apk 2022 Latest Version v3.1.1 – Unlimited Diamonds

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It is an exciting game for all those who love to create different unique species. This game helps you come across hundreds of monsters to choose from and to create a new one of your own choice. The game keeps on adding new monsters to keep up the fun and spice of this game. The most fun part of this game is that these are not some regular monsters; instead, they are singing monsters. So, to all those who love to create music and tunes of their own, My singing monsters mod apk is for you.

You can create endless melodies of your own with your favorite monsters. , from booming tunes to cheerful ones of your own choice. You can mix and match tunes of your choice with your own created ones. Each monster has its unique sound. All the sounds and melodies are very catchy and entertaining, and you’ll find yourself singing along with your singing monsters.

This game is unique compared to other related simulation games because monster games usually come under the fighting, action, adventure, etc. But this game depicts the cute and fun side of monsters and cute singing monsters on top of that. It allows you to build and develop your very own music in a world full of monsters.

Feature of My Singing Monster Hacked Apk:

This game brings impressive features for you plus its controls are very simple and easy to create a fun environment for you. The content makes it unique among other games. It is free of destruction and action, making it a light fantastic game to calm the mood and nerves. For beginners, this game has tutorials to offer. The game starts with giant monsters creating a rhythm like a drum and the other monsters, primarily white in color, singing a tune. It offers multiple exciting features such as unlimited coins, diamonds, treats, keys, etc. This game is safe and free to download. The funny and cute monsters in this game will make your day.

Choose your Monsters

There are more than 150 monsters to choose from in the store. You can collect monsters and can upgrade them or raise them as per your needs and desires. Each monster has a unique singing voice. You can choose your favorite ones and raise them. You can earn coins and money to buy food for them and feed them. Your monsters are going to sing well if they are raised well. You can unlock cute monsters of your choice and create your private world of monsters. One of the most incredible features of this game is combining monsters to make new monsters unique.

My Singing Monster Breeding cheats

You can combine different monsters to make new ones. You can obtain eggs by mixing. These eggs can be purchased and hatched to grow new monsters. Once the egg hatches, the new baby is ready to sing. It will a surprise as to what kind of sound the new baby is going to have.

Monster Band

The game begins with a quiet and calm island, and you will have to break this silence to create tunes and a monster band. To make this monster band, you will have to choose monsters to create a tune. All of them have unique voices, and by adding and removing them from the band, you can vary the melody of your choice. All monsters have different personalities and sounds. The most exciting part of this game is seeing and hearing your hard work once you create your monster choir. This feeling will push you forward to progress even more and to create the best chorus ever. Some monsters play splendid instruments, while some are virtuoso.

Happy Monsters More Coins

To earn more money, you need to make your monsters happy by feeding them and keeping their favorite stuff near them. This way, when the monsters are so glad and comfortable, they will produce more coins. My singing monsters unlimited gems and diamond mod apk removed this hectic and reward the player for enjoying making the best monsters island of his choice.

Beautiful Islands

The monsters in this game love to live in places that they can call their homes. There are different islands on which they can live. These islands are lovely and will be the home for them. Each house has unique features, looks, sounds, and particular monster species. These beautiful islands have concert halls where the monsters can perform in concerts. You can plan and arrange these islands. These lush green islands have unique themes and environments. You can decorate these islands by building extraordinary structures. These islands are full of beautiful melodies and tunes.


It is your virtual world where you can customize everything according to your desire. In this game, there are many customization options to customize your monsters. You can customize your melodies, tunes, islands that are the homes for the monsters in the way you like them. You can add or remove structures and dragon statues from these islands. It allows you to can go shopping for your monsters and buy costumes for them. By downloading my singing monsters friend codes from our page, you can do endless shopping for your monsters. The download button is given below.


There are many tasks that the players will have to perform to continue developing the music of their choice. The tasks are simple and easy; you will have to plant trees, replace the old structures with new buildings, buy food for your monsters and feed them. You will have to raise and upgrade monsters to enjoy the amazing music created by the monsters.


There are many exciting rewards and gifts for the players upon completion of specific tasks. This game has various goals and achievements options, and if you complete them, you can win exciting prizes and gifts. You can pass levels to unlock new monsters.


There are many mini-games with some easy tasks, just like recalling the order of monster tunes, and you can earn rewards by playing these mini-games.

Play with Friends

You can play this game with your friends all over the world. and add your friends to play. You can play this game with any number of friends you want.

Make Money

You can earn and collect money by tapping on the monsters’ heads. You can make money in this game by upgrading your monsters. With this money, you can buy new monsters, costumes, and islands.


Hack my singing monster uses impressive graphics. The art and animation are fantastic. A creative monster environment is created using vibrant colors. Attractive graphics are used in this game. A lot of attention and detail is put in to prepare these graphics for the fantastic interface of this game.

Audio Effects

The soundtracks are selected according to the scenery and environment, making it much more of a potent combination. 3D sound effects are used for this game. There are many individual songs available for this game. The number of monsters determines the background music. When there a few monsters, the background music is a lonely solo, more like a small choir, but when the number of monsters increases in the background, the music becomes thicker and thicker. The catchy sound effects will indulge you more and more in the game.

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What’s New:

  • Unlimited Money.
  • Contains Unlimited Gems
  • Endless Shopping
  • Free Upgrade to higher levels


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Mod version of this game award the players with unlimited money and gems for free. So players, who are usually kids, can now do endless shopping from the game store. Download the game from the button given above.

No monsters are calm and relaxed creatures spreading happiness by creating sweet music. Kids love this game because it offers to make a virtual world of happy monsters.

By using free money and gems of mod apk, players can achieve the goals and do unlimited shopping to complete the missions. In this way, players can upgrade to higher levels for entirely free.

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