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Despicable me is an action movie accompanied by comedy and laughter and has been a popular movie among kids of age 6 plus. Kids love this movie because of its unlimited fun and adventures. An army of minions is shown in this movie with three main characters: Jerry, Carl, and Dave. These adorable yellow little minions made their way to the hearts of everyone via this fantastic movie.

Due to its popularity among kids, many action games started making their way for the sake of kid’s entertainment. You can find many games related to this movie on the internet, but the Minion Rush MOD apk is the most famous due to its exciting features and challenges. This game is a fan favorite racing game. Now it has become one of the most addicting running games. It is an innovative, adventurous and hilarious running game.

Features of Minion Rush Premium Apk:

It is a fantastic cartoon game and is safe and free to download, compatible with all Android versions. It is effortless to install, and the updates are automated.
At the start of the game, the minion rush characters, such as the orphan girls, Gru, Lucy, and Dru gave instructions to the player. These characters will briefly guide you through the basic steps, controls, and tasks/missions you need to complete.


All the characters of this game are from the movie Despicable Me. There are three types of characters in this game, the minions (Carl, Dave, Jerry, and Mel- a new character from the latest movie), the villains, and other main characters. Upon playing the game for the first time, the default character is Dave.

Lovely Minions

You can start the game by your default minion Dave, but once you begin collecting bananas and make points, you can unlock Jerry, Carl, and Mel. All the minions have different skills and characteristics. For example, Carl is the fastest and can help you collect more bananas and get more gifts and rewards. Mel and Jerry have the skills to jump and crouch that will help you overcome obstacles easily. But there is no need to wait to hit the target of collecting bananas. Minion Rush mod apk unlimited money is rewarded to the players to unlock these characters easily. Download the apk free from our website given below.


You can only customize and control the minions. You can customize the appearance, costumes, clothes, and skills. Dave has the most costumes available in his wardrobe, but later on, you can unlock and purchase the costumes for Carl, Jerry, and Mel.

You can collect bananas and buy funny costumes to decorate your minion. New outfits are added regularly in the game to keep the fun and excitement alive. This Mod Apk can provide you all these free to use without the stress of purchasing them from the game store. All these costumes are essential and have unique characteristics and skills that will upgrade your minion to perform many challenging tasks. In addition, these costumes will serve to power up and enhance the abilities of your minion. So, don’t wait and download the given apk of this game to unlock all modified features.


It has simple game rules, and there are no complexities because the key players are kids here. It is a single-player game. The controls are simple too. To jump, you can swipe up, and to duck, you can swipe down. There are three lanes to switch between by jumping on to whichever route has more bananas. You can move left or right to change lanes.


In this game, you will have to race with the minions and collect as many bananas on the way as you can because these bananas will be adding in on your points. You can run as Carl, Dave, or Jerry, and can get more fun costumes. You will have to control a minion that will be eager to collect all the bananas. All you have to do is collect bananas while running, jumping, dodging the obstacles, and scrambling upon other barriers.

There are multiple tasks to battle with the villains and take floating bananas and stars from the moons. The primary mission is to run continuously, avoiding all the obstacles while collecting coins that come in the way. There will be three lanes available for running, and your minion will have to face evil villains on its way, but you have to avoid them at all costs. This game runs similar to the horror game.


This game has many adventurous and fun locations inspired by the movie Despicable Me, such as Mignon beach, Gru’s laboratory, Duravakalian, etc. You can select any location of your choice for the never-ending fun ride. You can also discover hidden or secret areas while running, and they resembled the places of the movie. There are many exciting and distracting locations such as the Gru’s lab, El Macho’s nest, Gru’s house, along with many other hidden paths to discover.


It has many fun-filled, fast-paced, and exciting challenges/missions for kids. There are also many mini-challenges/missions available for the kids to enjoy. There are many obstacles for the minions to come across. A lot of hindrances are also created for minions by the villains or the bosses. There are four bosses Gru, El Macho, Villaintriloquis, and Meena. These bosses will try to smash the minion on its way. They will attack the minion by throwing objects at the minion. The minion will have to throw back these objects at the villain to defeat the villain; otherwise, the minion will die, and the game will end. There are over 100 different missions and challenges. Also, there are many mini-games for fun and earning points.

These Challenges become exciting when the kids have much money to buy endless resources from the store and choose any character. So, download mod apk from the below button and get the real fun of this game by doing unlimited shopping and free upgrade to higher levels.

Mission Mode

Besides the single-player run, there is a special mission mode in which the minion will have to collect specific objects from the specified locations to complete the mission. Minion rush special mission cheats have six stages that make them different from the regular standard missions. Upon completing each special mission, you can win special missions prize pods, coins, fevers, Market tickets, etc.

Training Mode

This mode will help you to train with other minions and to compete with other players all around the world.  

Virtual Currency

To upgrade and unlock the minion’s costume, clothes, and skills, you can earn virtual currency to complete tasks and get additional bonuses. But this hectic is now solved by the mod apk version given below.

Gifts and Rewards

Many gifts and rewards are offered upon completing a mission, such as a ride of Gru’s rocket or the fluffy unicorn or mega minion upgrade. You can win costume cards. The collected number of bananas will get you a chance of winning Banana Prize Pods. You can win a new life for every five rank upgrades.


The villains in this game are from the original movie and named El Macho and Vector.

Weapons and Power-ups 

A variety of funny weapons and power-ups are available while competing in races with the other players. The collected items are mainly to upgrade the recipe of jam that the minions love.


Minion rush crack apk uses modern 3D graphics for realism. Also, it uses the movie’s original animations for a deeper connection with the players. In addition, it uses lively 3D cartoon-style animations. The graphics are pretty detailed with full camera angles.


This game uses the movie’s original voiceovers. In addition, there are many funny soundtracks for this game and funny minion voiceovers to make the game even more enjoyable.

What’s new?

The given list highlight the Minion Rush Mod Apk all unlocked features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • All Costumes Unlocked
  • Unlimited Shopping (Even if you have zero balance, you can shop anything from the store)
  • Free Upgrade to higher levels
  • Unlimited Bananas and tokens
  • Unlock All other characters


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Main purpose is to dodge obstacles and collect as many bananas as possible. Upgraded levels also have special missions, which are more challenging

Yes, we can upgrade to higher levels for utterly free by downloading the Minion rush mod apk from our website.

Yes, the character needs extra benefits and costumes from the store to excel in the missions. So mod apk award the players with unlimited money so they can shop anything with zero balance.

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