Hay Day Mod Apk 2022 – Unlimited coins,gems and seeds

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Overview Of Hay Day Mod Apk:

Farming games are one of the most satisfying and rewarding games to play. Farm games prove to be anti-stress and are also highly engaging, and one of such games is Hay Day. It is one of the most popular farming games in the world today. Hay day mod apk allows you to own a farm and sow seeds in your farm, followed by watering, harvesting, and selling the crops.

It also allows you to expand your farm and raise your cattle. This exciting game allows you to engage in trade and make a lot of money. You can also earn experience, aka XP points, when harvesting the plants ready to harvest. Additionally, it gives you the closest possible experience of real-life farming. 

It provides a great virtual farming experience, you can decorate the farm using the instruments like panda statues, harps, tubas, and many more. Customize the flowers in a different color to attract the butterflies. Colorful Butterflies flying on the farm will enhance the beauty of your farm. Not just the inside farm is customizable, hay day mod apk allows you to customize your roadside shops, trucks, barns, and many more thing to make the attractive look outside as well as inside.

Quick Details hay day apk


There is a massive variety of features that mod apk will allow you to explore that are not part o normal apk, for instance, Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Xp, Vouchers, ad-free gameplay, no in-app purchases, etc. and much more.

Unlimited Coins

Since all mobile video games require currency, Hay Day also has currency as a prerequisite for progress. Without coins and diamonds, which are the currencies Hay Day uses, you can never progress or proceed in this game. The game gives you free 350 coins in the beginning and gives you other opportunities to earn some coins. Buying coins with actual money is also an option but not a feasible one. However, with Hay Day Modded Apk, you can acquire unlimited coins for absolutely free and completely get rid of the worry of collecting coins without ruining your experience.

Unlimited experience points

Experience, aka XP points, are an absolute necessity for progressing in the game as they allow you to advance the level and XP points are literally the only way of levelling up in the game. Few of the methods to earn XP points are selling items, harvesting plants, and reviving trees but these methods only allow you to earn few points at a time and are hard to follow. However, with hacked Apk you can earn unlimited XP points and reach the highest level without worrying too much about experience (XP) points all the time.

Unlimited Diamonds

Apart from coins, it also has diamonds as currency. With diamonds you can add machine slots, get roadside shop boxes, buy decorations, speed up tasks and do much more. In simpler words, diamonds help you in creating a better farming experience and make the tasks more accessible and much more efficient. Diamonds can be earned through completing achievements, by catching new fish, and can be found randomly in mystery boxes. Just like coins, Diamonds can be bought for real money as well. However, all of these methods of acquiring diamonds are either super hard or extremely expensive which is why mod of hay day gives you unlimited diamonds for free so that you can enjoy your gameplay without worrying about ways to earn diamonds or without spending any money.

Unlimited seeds

Upon harvesting, the crop’s yield is increased by double but sometimes, when a good order pops up you may find yourself selling the seeds and as a result lose the storage of seeds you had. The endless supply of crops is a necessity when it comes to feeding the cattle and as your farm grows you may find yourself spending diamonds on buying seeds which can get super expensive. However, the latest version of Hay Day Apk offers you unlimited seeds of all types including the expensive ones for absolutely no money. This feature will make your gameplay smoother and much more hassle free.


Vouchers are required for buying customization of the farm, for buying pets and for buying decorations. They can be found in mystery boxes, through spinning wheels, and by completing boat shipments etc. Earning vouchers can get very hard especially the golden ones and buying them with diamonds is super expensive because the golden voucher costs upto 80 diamonds. To solve this problem, this apk will offer you unlimited vouchers for free so you can get the best possible experience of the game without stressing about collecting vouchers.

Unlimited resources

Collecting resources is the hardest part of the game since resources are incredibly crucial for completing each task and are required in every step of the game. The constant worry of how you will get resources can ruin the experience of the game and can leave you feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. Players may also often find themselves buying expensive resources with real money just to progress in the game. For that reason, apk hacks is the route to go for since it offers you unlimited resources for free. You don’t have to worry about finding ways to earn resources or search hacks for earning them quickly.

Visually pleasing graphics

When playing video games, it is super essential for graphics to be aesthetically pleasing. With its bright and cheerful colors, this game offers you fun and highly aesthetic graphics, which will make your gaming experience more fun and keep you entertained. The colors of the game are well contrasted so that they complement each other without being monotonous. You will never find yourself bored or experience any dullness when playing this game.


Its non-playable characters ultimately enhance the user experience by entertaining the players with variety and fun on the farm. Characters like Tom guides the players in finding items, or Maggie, who feeds animals and collects the animal goods, keep the game engaging and delightful. The characters like the five farm visitors also make the storytelling of the game more appealing.

User-friendly operation

The biggest turn-off for any game could be its unused friendly operation. Supercell, the developers, is entirely aware that any game needs to be highly user-friendly and adaptable. Without any distinction, each player gets the best experience of the game without compromising any feature or entertainment. The game is also super convenient to play and to get used to for beginners.

Auto updates 

Updates are an absolute necessity when it comes to mobile video games. Since Hayday comes with the latest updates to create a better user experience, it can be a massive hassle for users to update manually with each update. That is why Hay Day private server makes it easy for the players by including the auto-update feature that updates the game each time a new update arrives without any manual work

Ad-free experience

Since ads ruin user experience entirely and take away from the entertainment of the game, hacked Apk brings you an ad-free experience of the game to play the game without any unnecessary interruption and interference and have the most exciting experience gameplay.

Customizable Farm

Hay day allows you to customize your farm according to your own choice and does not stop you from designing it in the way you want it. You can choose to expand the farm as much as you want, buy decorations and customize every part of the farm in a manner that is according to your liking. You can build the experience that you desire.

In-app purchases are not required

In-app purchases can get tempting and can leave your pocket empty if you do them too often. Since Hay Day Mod offline offers unlimited free resources such as unlimited free coins, unlimited free diamonds, and free vouchers, there is absolutely no need to make any in app purchases and spend a ton of money on expensive goods and resources that otherwise keep running out and need to be kept buying. 

Playing with friends

The developers of app know how important it is to bond with friends over games, so app allows you to visit your friends’ farms and engage in trade with them and buy and sell items. You can sell your crops and products to your friends at the roadside shop and buy your friends’ items. You can also add friends in the game. The latest update also allows you to add more friends than ever before through Supercell ID.

Rewarding events

Rewarding events are one of the best parts of Hay Day since it brings you a variety of events that allow you to earn bonuses and a wide variety of fulfilling rewards. These events are enjoyable and keep the players from getting bored from the usual tasks of the game.

Building your own city

Not only can you build your farm on hay day, but this game also offers you a new area that allows you to build a town, upgrade service buildings and earn XP points, coins, and reputation points by serving the town visitors by fulfilling their orders. To serve the town visitors, send them to the service building when they arrive in the town and tap on one of the service buildings, followed by the tap on the town visitor and drag and drop the requested item to the visitor. 

No banning and no viruses.

Since all the apk file’s in “apkmodstudio” have been checked and tested before, you won’t get banned from the game after downloading and playing on this file. Now you don’t have to worry about getting banned from the game by downloading a trustable file.

Apk files also can have viruses or malware contained in them sometimes, but Hay Day Mod Apk contains no virus at all and is free from malware or spyware, so you can download it without worrying about the security and health of your device

Tips , Tricks and hacks of Hay Day App

Increase your wealth by using a roadside shop

Instead of selling your items to farm visitors, sell your items to your friends. Orders of visitors don’t usually generate much wealth. The newspaper also allows you to see what your friends are selling. it will allow you to sell your items with profit and increase the fun and keep you and your friends entertained.

Get free items from unlocked treasure chests

Go on a friend’s farm and look for a treasure chest and if you find the box closed, then tap anywhere on the screen and leave the farm. Do not tap on the [x] button. Then go to another friend’s farm and follow the same process, but if the box is unlocked, then collect items from it. These items will be available in your toolbox.

Get free diamonds

You can find free diamonds tied in a bow around the house or in red mystery boxes which contain the prizes. Pay attention and keep an eye around the farm to lose any opportunity to find free diamonds on the farm. Connecting your farm with Facebook will also earn you a few free diamonds. Another way to earn diamonds is by unlocking the achievements in the  Hay day android mod apk. You can also earn diamonds through mining once you reach level 24. Ads are also an easy way of earning diamonds for free as watching ads bring rewards.

Refresh the newspaper

If you quit the game by force stopping it by going in the settings and then apps and then relaunch the game again, your newspaper will be refreshed and you will discover new deals in it.

Sow slow crops during the working hours

Since slow-growing crops take a long time to grow and get ready for harvest, you can sow them before leaving the app for work or at night when you’re ready to sleep. This will allow the plants to grow while not actively playing the game and saving you from wasting time and getting frustrated.

Earn experience points quickly

There are two quick ways to earn XP points quickly and for free. If you find an ad in the newspaper regarding apple trees, visit the farms and then tap on the sign on shaking trees. This will allow you to earn XP points. Another method is only applicable if you are on level 15. After you reach level 15, you can pick apples from the trees, earning you XP points with 7 XP points each.

Get exciting items for free from the fortune wheel

With spinning the wheel of fortune, you can earn exciting and fabulous prizes. The best part is that this spinning wheel is free, and landing on the jackpot will earn you another free spin.

What’s new?

The latest update offers :

  • Mountain areas
  • Winter areas
  • Latest Baby Gorillas
  • reindeers
  • Cabbage crops
  • Latest custom yard decorations
  • Add more friends


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FAQ’s :

Yes, it is absolutely safe for kids to play. This game possesses no harmful features and can be enjoyed by all age groups without any concern.

Yes, it can be enjoyed on all IOS devices.

Yes, it is available for all android devices.

Not at all. There is no need to root your phone ..

No. Hay Day Mod Apk is completely safe to download and does not contain any malware or virus in it. You can download it without worrying about the safety of your device.

Yes, this is the latest version with up to date features.

Yes, it is available for windows 7 and can be enjoyed on all windows 7,8 and 10.

Yes, you can play Hay Day on your macbook.

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