Granny Mod Menu 2022 – Unlimited Shotgun Ammo

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Granny Mod Menu is a horror game full of challenges, fun, thrill, and adventure. It is designed especially for those who love horror and adventure. It has advanced graphics and features with three levels of difficulty for its adventurous players. In this game, the player will act like a person locked in an old house with a mad Granny, who seems like a monster. You have just five days given to find all the mysterious secrets and find ways to escape from the house.

The old house is full of riddles, and you need to solve each puzzle to save yourself from a dreadful death. You should be silent while finding secrets and solving mysteries because if monster granny heard a noise or finds you escaping from the house, that would create a horrible situation that you never saw before. The only advantage that you have in this game is the blindness of granny.

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Introduction Of Granny Mod Menu:

The game offers players to collect different items from the house, which helps them to escape. But the evil old lady named “Granny” is blind but has a strong hearing sense. Any noise made by the player can create his death more obvious. The wrath of the old lady is so horrifying, which creates more suspense and thrill in the game.

The player spent five days and need to escape death by hiding under the bed or in the wardrobe so granny can’t catch him. The deadly home creates many hurdles for the players, but he needs to explore hidden items like a hammer to break the door, a car battery to fix the car, a shotgun to shoot, etc. All these clues are for players to help him to escape from a mysterious house.

If the wicked woman finds you, then no one can compete with the running speed of granny, and the player cannot escape death. She has a horrific appearance and a baseball bat that swings in the air and hits the player’s head, and the current day ends. In the game, there exist a full-time threat of dark evil old lady that she will appear anytime and kill us, which make the entire scenario most exciting and full of suspense,

Granny multipler mod menu has made this challenge easier to win by giving God Mode and Menu features, including immortality. These advanced features allow users to have more fun in the game and have a better experience than the original one. You can download it with unlimited life chances features from our website. The big blue button is given below at the end of our web page.

Features for Mod Of Granny:

The mod apk has a small menu on the left-hand side of the game interface. If this menu is closed, then the game will run like the original game. But if the menu is opened, players can benefit from extra features present in that powerful menu.

Unlimited Chances (Immortality):

The game becomes more demanding and exciting when we use this mod menu feature. Granny hack Mod Menu apk removed the problem of life by providing unlimited chances to play without any delay. If granny arrives, the player can escape from the spot, and now the evil monster cannot kill him. Gamers are now more inclined to get the granny mod menu to have this unlimited life offer.

Kill Granny:

Using this mod, players can now kill granny using a shotgun or by throwing any object. It makes the old lady disappear for 90 seconds, giving the player opportunity to trick her and escape from the spot.

Increase the speed of player:

In the original game, whenever you make a little noise, the horrific giant monster came out of nowhere and scared you to death. Her speed is as fast that no one can trick her and escape from the situation. These latest dream house days cheats let players cheat the deadly granny and run faster to escape from the spot.

Unlimited Bullets:

The players are awarded unlimited bullets so that you can hit granny multiple times. Whenever granny finds you, it becomes hard to escape her wrath. So bullet shots help him knock down granny for 90 seconds which are enough to run from the spot and hide in a better safe area of the haunted house.

Granny Mod cheats and Tricks

Here are some best tricks to be used while playing:

  • The player needs to dodge the blind granny who has evil powers and cleverly use the awarded features to win the game. Whenever you see an evil creature, try to run fastly to escape from that spot.
  • Try to explore the house secretly and find more clues and objects necessary to escape from the house. The game offers you many clues, and a player should be intelligent enough to use them and solve the riddles of the haunted house.
  • Make the Granny Mod Menu On so that granny cannot kill you and you have unlimited chances of your life.
  • If you have a gun, try to shot the granny first. If not, then pick a surrounding object and hit the granny.

What’s New:

  • Unlimited life
  • Powerful Mode Menu
  • Immortality
  • Unlimited Chances to escape
  • God Mode
  • Option to kill/hurt Granny
  • Increase the running speed of players
  • Unlimited Bullets
  • Fixed all errors

How to install Apk in android:

How to install granny mod menu in android


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