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Platform games have been on the scene since the 1980s. Even now, because of their simple controls and exciting nature, platformers are still curated a lot. One of such popular platform games is Geometry Dash. As a rhythm-based running game, it requires the player to fly and jump through the dangers coming in their way. If the player hits an obstacle, the level will begin from the very start.

Initially, there were 21 levels in this game ranging from low difficulty to high like,Back On track,dry out etc., as they added the customization level feature in which players can customize things and make new levels due to which now there are 67 million-plus levels available online for geometry dash mod apk.It also provides a feature of keeping the records of each player.

Features of Geometry Dash Mod Apk:

Being one of the most popular platform games, Geometry Dash apk sure has some exciting features by which the game is still widely played eight years after its release.

Some of its features are:

Rhythm-based action platforming

Rhythm-based platformers are the platform games in which the aspects of navigation have to be timed with the music. Geometry Dash mod apk is also one of those games in which the music or the backtrack is in the sink with the jumps and the other moves. That keeps the game interesting and makes the player plan slightly further but not too far. Only having a few options to decide quickly, this game challenges the player’s sense of rhythm.

Level creation system

Though the game itself has 21 levels, the developers have added a level creation system in the game, which allows the players to create their levels and share them online with others. The players can also play the levels created by other players. To create your new level:

  1. Go to the home screen and tap on Level Editor, and then tap Create.
  2. Tap on the New button. Once you’ve tapped on the New option, you will be headed to a screen where you will be allowed to name and describe your level.
  3. Once you’re down with that, tap on the hammer and wrench button. This will allow you to start creating your level.
  4. After you have developed your level, play your level by tapping on the Play button.

It’s important to play your level to verify it, as, without verification, you won’t be able to upload your level. Tap the upload button and then go to edit level, followed by going to settings. Here, you can select the colors and soundtrack of your level. Voila! You have created your new level.

No in-app purchases

Many of us are guilty of making tons of in-app purchases. Since it’s so tempting to make those purchases to proceed in the game or make our gaming experience better, the frequent in-app purchases can leave us broke. Geometry Dash unlocked everything, and there is no need to make in-app purchases. This game doesn’t require us to spend tons of money frequently to have better gameplay.

There are many mods that provide complete premium access to the application, without any built-in purchase one of them is Hay Day Mod Apk.

Challenging gameplay

Despite having simple controls, the game fails to get boring due to its exciting and challenging levels. The levels progress in difficulty and are categorized into six levels of difficulty: easy, normal, hard, harder, insane, and demon. However, in user-created levels, there are 12 difficulty levels. This progression in difficulty keeps the game from getting dull or repetitive. You will never find yourself getting bored by this exciting game. 

Unlockable rewards

Rewards and bonuses are the best part of any game. They keep us wanting to play more and inspire us to play better. This Apk offers you exciting rewards that you can unlock, making the game much more fun to play. 

Practice mode

Since the game is very hard and can often be difficult to get through the first levels in one go, practice mode can prepare you for what’s coming. That will allow you to set checkpoints, and in case of a crash, the icon will reappear at the last checkpoint. That will not allow you to get standard level rewards, but you will still be able to unlock achievements regardless. With practice mode, you can easily sharpen your game-playing skills.

Customizable characters

Customization has a huge impact on gameplay. It enhances the game experience a lot. In this game, you don’t have to play the whole game with a single pre-chosen character. In Geometry Dash Apk Full version, you can choose and customize your favorite characters. With the help of the icon kit, the players can change the appearance of the characters and choose colors, trails, and death effects. More icons can be unlocked, such as ships, UFOs, Waves, robots, and spiders, once you reach the requirement and progress in the game. 

Excellent graphics

This game provides you exquisite graphics that enhanced your gameplay activity. With its outstanding graphics, the game will keep your playing experience fun and entertaining. This game offers bright and exciting colors, keeping you hooked for a long time and will not dull gameplay. 


It’s easy to get bored if the challenges are repetitive. However, this does not make you come across the same obstacles at every single level, but the obstacles progress and diversify at each level. As you progress in the game, you will encounter various obstacles that will be harder and unique than the previous ones. Even in the single level, the scenes are changed so frequently that it’s difficult to get bored when playing this game. The player will get unique challenges and obstacles that will keep you entertained for a long time. 


Though this apk does not include in-app purchases, you can perform in-play purchases with the game money at the shop, community shop, and secret shop. You can buy new and exciting icons, colors, and death effects at these shops. The community shop offers icons created by players who took part in the icon creating a contest and won it. This competition was held in 2017. 

Intuitive controls

Intuitiveness and simplicity are what make any entertainment outstanding. The intuitive controls of Geometry Dash Mod Apk are super easy to grasp. From the beginning, you will immediately understand and ace the controls of this game. It has non-laggy controls and smooth character movements, which make the gameplay highly efficient and trouble-free.

Exciting Collectibles

Collectibles make this game more exciting and fun to play. These collectibles can either serve as currency or help to unlock the secret content, achievements, and icons. Some of the collectibles are Stars, which are earned after completing the levels, Secret coins, which are collected during the level, Mana Orbs, Diamonds, and keys, which are all collected by daily chests and chests found in the treasure room. 


To add more flavor in gameplay, this offers gauntlets which are a set of five user-generated levels of similar but slightly increasing difficulty. The players are required to finish the levels in a sequence. The game comprises a total of 15 levels. Some of those levels are either hidden or locked. Completing gauntlets will result in rewards such as diamonds, mana orbs, icons, shards, and more special items. 


Every entertainment has some tips and tricks to enhance the benefit. We bring you the hacks for Geometry Dash as well. The following tips can boost your gameplay by allowing you to get more effective at playing:

Focus on the visuals

Some may argue that soundtracks are the best part of the game, but they might get distracting, as, in some, you’ll be required to tap on the beat and some off-beat. That might get distracting and frustrating. To perform better on the game, you can turn off the music. That will help you focus on the visuals better and will allow you to tap as per the requisites avoiding spikes.

Practice, practice, and practice

How are you going to get past difficult spots if you have no idea what to expect? Don’t worry, practice mode has got your back. Typically if you mess things up, you’ll be required to start from the beginning. However, since you are allowed to drop and set checkpoints in the practice mode, you don’t have to start from the very beginning, as your icon will respawn at the last checkpoint. That means you can practice the hard part as many times as you’d like. Unfortunately, the progress in practice mode does not count, but you can always switch back to regular mode after practicing enough to get past the levels.

Don’t get distracted by icons.

Icons that are flashy and showy can distract you by their boldness. You may find yourself looking at your icon continuously, causing you to lose track of spikes and obstacles. To avoid this distraction, choose less showy icons and would not grab too much of your attention. And vice versa, if you find it difficult to look at your icons and find them dull, then choose showy icons that grab your attention instantly.

Play with the best controls

Playing with the right controls is extremely important for playing as wrong controls give you less command over the icons and will more likely cause you to lose the game. When playing on the desktop or laptop, your best possible bet would be to play with the mouse’s left button. However, avoid playing with a touchpad because the authority it gives is far less than required to ace the game. The up arrow key would be the second-best option. However, avoiding the space bar would be highly recommended but do make sure to practice with each control and play with the one that best suits you. 

Coins aren’t everything.

Secrets coins are collected during the gameplay. They can prove to be helpful towards unlocking demon difficulty, icons, and achievements. Despite all the exciting benefits they bring, collecting them shouldn’t be your main focus. You can only have the coins you collected after you’ve finished the level, and if you crash into an obstacle, all the coins will be lost, and you’ll have to start again. This is why, if you are having a hard time trying to ace the levels already, instead of focusing on collecting those coins, focus on avoiding obstacles so that you can finish the level. Once you’ve practiced enough and have enough proficiency, you can start focusing on those coins. 

Focus on the middle

Geometry dash mod is all about testing your reflexes. To perform the best, you have to be aware of all that is going on in the game rather than just focusing on your icon. To perform better, focus on looking at the middle of your screen to be aware of everything that is happening at the moment and the obstacles that are about to come. That will allow you to keep track of incoming obstacles and hence avoid them effectively. 

What’s new in Update 2.241:

The updates on Geometry Dash’s latest version.

  • Upgraded icons and effects
  • New community shop
  • Weekly demon challenges
  • Folders and level sorting
  • New demon chests
  • Level leaderboards
  • Bug fixes
  • Improvements


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Download the Latest Version of Geometry Dash:

Rating And Reviews:

Rating : 4.9

Review : 3300

Highest Review : 5

Lowest Review : 1


To verify the level that you created, you need to play and beat your level first. If you cannot ace your level, you will not verify the level and hence upload it.

To create a fun level:

  1. Make sure you add a wide range of obstacles and decorations.
  2. Don’t just make it basic by adding only a few objects.
  3. Make it diverse, and be sure to time it in sync with the soundtrack. 

To begin with, you can start playing with The nightmare, The lightning road, Crescendo, platinum adventure, Speed racer, Demon mixed, and speed of light. Later on, you can progress by working your way up.

Since there are so many people playing the game, the servers can often get crowded. If you cannot load the levels, try refreshing the game until you see the levels getting loaded.

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