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In the 21st century, the Internet has greatly improved our lives by giving us access to unlimited information just at our fingertips. Now you no longer have to wait months for your message to be sent across the world, You have all of it in one place and can access the information without any hassle. However, with this ease also comes the risk of exposing your information. ExpressVPN Mod Apk cares for your security so that you don’t have to compromise your privacy without missing out on all the information available on the Internet.  

ExpressVPN is engineered to create a tunnel between you and a remote server run by Express’s virtual private network. That allows your data to pass through this tunnel, and as a result, your data remains private and secure from getting exposed to third parties. This tunnel is encrypted, so your information remains concealed, and as a consequence, third parties, trackers, or potential hackers cannot access your private information such as your location, your identity, or even the sensitive information on your devices such as your emails, your texts or your online transaction details, etc.

VPNs are getting stronger day by day in terms of Connection stability, privacy and speed. The latest updates in the express VPN mod apk bring many new things. The speed of the latest version is 5X better than the previous one. It will connect to the nearest and faster server and switches to another server within a second once the server gets down. This makes a stable connection and optimal speed. It also brings a split-tunneling option, so using this option, you can select the apps you need to run on this VPN and deselect all others.

Features of ExpressVPN Mod Apk :

ExpressVPN cares for its users and provides the best VPN mod apk having a wide range of features and functionalities. It is engineered to cater to all your needs and requirements.

Some of its features are: 

Protection of your privacy

As much beneficial as the ease of accessing the information on the Internet has been for us, our privacy is still a huge concern. The Internet can violate our privacy in unimaginable ways and can put our identities in a vulnerable state by exposing our personal information to trackers and potential hackers. That is why using a VPN service is highly recommended for the protection of your privacy. With the help of a modded VPN apk, you can completely protect your privacy and hide your IP address and location. It will help you when you are using public WiFi and when at home as it hides your information from your internet service provider and prevents the selling of your data, which is otherwise a great possibility.

User-friendly interface

Nothing ruins the experience more than going on an app and not being able to understand its operation. For a Virtual private network service to be useful for us, it needs to be adaptable and self-explanatory so that everybody can use it without any mental effort. Few new patterns are fine, but the learning process shouldn’t take so long that users can’t figure it out at all. ExpressVPN is aware that the app interface needs to be adaptable, which is why it has designed a simple and intuitive interface to find itself making the best and quick use of its services.

Improved Speed

VPN services often slow down the internet connection and hence the browsing. The main reason behind this is the distance between you and the server you are connected to. The more distant the server is, the slower the internet would be. However, the premium VPN apk ensures that your browsing experience is not compromised in any way and goes for the servers that are nearest and run the fastest. You can also make sure you have the fastest browsing experience with the help of in-app optimizations. It also comes with built-in speed testing, ensuring you connect to the fastest server location without wasting any time.

Accessing blocked apps

Internet freedom is a right of everybody, but censorship laws often violate this right. Government censorship can often lock you out of apps restricting your experience. Still, with the Express VPN apk, you can unlock and access those apps and enjoy your favorite social networks without being worried about the restriction and regain your right to internet freedom.

Wide location offering

You may want a browsing experience of a certain desired location, but your VPN app may not have it. In this case, ExpressVPN, like always, is ready to serve you with the best possible experience. Though most VPN services cover only a few locations, this VPN cracked apk offers more than 145 cities and countries from 6 different continents. This amazing feature allows you to enjoy the browsing experience of your chosen location without worrying about your privacy at all as you stay anonymous.

Multilingual Interface

Privacy is your basic right, regardless of what language you speak. In 2019, ExpressVPN upgraded its service to support a wide range of languages. In addition to English, It is available in Korean, Japanese, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Thai, and many more. Apart from that, It is also working on introducing more languages so that everyone can benefit from its privacy protection features.

Protection from hackers

Have you ever thought about who can access your information when you’re using public WiFi? The hackers can access all that you’re doing on your device. For instance, your texts, your emails, and all the important and sensitive information that you have on your device, such as your bank information, and you can eventually have access to your bank account, etc. Express VPN Pro apk offers you powerful encryption protecting you from potential hackers that can have access to your sensitive personal information.


One of the best things about ExpressVPN is its availability on a variety of devices. It works on Android, IOS, Windows, Linux, Mac, and even on Smart TVs and PlayStation, etc. You can use your account all across your devices. This compatibility on a wide range of devices makes it the best VPN service available out there. 

Kill switch

The loss of connection with a VPN can completely leave your information in a vulnerable state. This is why Express VPN premium apk contains a feature called Kill Switch, also known as Network lock, which completely blocks out internet traffic from leaving your device if your VPN connection drops. This feature keeps your data from getting exposed and ensures that you remain anonymous even after losing connection with the VPN service. 

Auto-connecting feature

Constantly connecting VPN when you go out in public or reconnecting when your VPN connection drops can get tiring. Every good VPN service should be able to auto-connect 

which is why this VPN has developed features that will take care of it for you. It has an Auto-connecting feature that will automatically turn the VPN service on when you connect to an untrusted WiFi connection and reconnect the service itself if the VPN connection drops.

 Private DNS 

We know websites by their URL, but computers identify a website through its IP address. Every time you search for a website, your computer requests a DNS or Domain Name System to find that website through its IP address. Since most VPN services don’t have their DNS and use free DNS services, your information is still at risk of being exposed as free DNS services can locate what websites you visit and what type of content you consume and even sell that data to third parties. For that reason, ExpressVPN runs its private DNS, which is powerfully encrypted. This will ensure that any third parties or trackers don’t track your DNS requests. 

Multiple protocol support

The best VPN service is the one that offers support for multiple choice of protocols, the most important one being OpenVPN. OpenVPN is a modern and exceptionally secure protocol that is often used in the mainstream. OpenVPN further comes with two protocols, OpenVPN TCP and OpenVPN UDP. ExpressVPN offers both of these protocols and also offers L2TP, PPTP, SSTP, and light way. 

Signup with a Temp email

You can use temp mail, also known as short-lived email, to sign up on the app and use VPN services without any hassle and also protect your privacy since Temp mail also does not store your IP address at all, nor do you have to provide your personal information such as your name, and your phone number, etc. when signing up for Temp mail.

Unlimited free trials

There is nothing worse than waking up one morning and realizing the free trial has ended. However, when using modded apps, you will not face this issue as you can always start the trial again. When your free trial ends, clear the data and cache of your app and then relaunch it. After your relaunch, use another Temp mail to sign up for the app. You no longer have to worry about paying a huge sum of money when your free trial ends, as you can use this method for unlimited amounts of time.

No host transfer or bandwidth limits

VPN services can often cap your bandwidth, but ExpressVPN is a strong advocate of internet freedom. It has no host transfer limits. It allows you to switch servers according to your own choice. You can switch to any server, at any time and as often as you like. There is no bandwidth limit, so you can use the internet all you want without any walls. This allows you to download and stream as much as you want.

Works with all data carriers

It works on all mobile data carriers such as WiFI, LTE, 2G, 3G, and 4G, etc. You can choose the mobile data carrier that is suitable for you without being restricted. 

ExpressVPN Premium Apk Benefits:

There are numerous benefits and advantages of using ExpressVPN. It is a strong advocate of internet freedom and aims to provide all the internet users the freedom and restrictionless browsing experience so that every internet user can have the same and best experience regardless of which part of the world they are in and without compromising their privacy in any way or shape.

Concealed IP address 

Your IP address has a lot of vulnerable information about you. Those who know your IP address can eventually find out your location, including your physical location, your activity, and also your identity. With the help of ExpressVPN, you can hide your IP address as it creates the tunnel through and conceals your personal data. 

Unlimited Streaming

Since there is no bandwidth limit, you can stream and download all the content you like as much as you want without any restriction or concern with unrestricted services.

Access the Blocked Content

Different countries won’t allow the specific stuff on the internet to be available for their people, due to which users are not able to access some informational stuff that they need at a time. For this Blockage, ExpressVPN is used to access all the blocked data on data without any hassle.

Some of the gaming apps, like hay-day, are blocked in some countries. You can easily play that using this VPN.

What’s new in ExpressVPN APK:

  1. faster connectivity
  2. Enhanced stability
  3. Advanced performance
  4. Bugs are fixed 

How to use ExpressVPN Pro version:

  1. Open the app and sign up by tapping the New User option.
  2. After you are logged in, the app will ask you to allow them to receive anonymous analytics such as crash reports and speed tests about your connection. These analytics are only sent for the purpose of making your experience better and don’t obtain any personal information. If you want to allow this, tap on OK. If not, then tap on No Thanks.
  3. After that, ExpressVPN will request permission to set the VPN connection. Select OK.
  4. To connect to the server, tap the on button, and to disconnect, tap the same button again.
  5. To choose a location, tap on More Options.


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Yes, you can safely do transactions online, even on public WiFI, by using ExpressVPN as it creates an encrypted tunnel so that no third party can have any access to your data.

If your trial version has ended, then you will have to buy the premium membership. However, by using ExpressVPN Apk, you can clear the data and cache of the app and then relaunch it and log in using another temp email to use the trial version again. You can do this unlimited time. 

Yes, you can use it on all your devices as it is compatible with a wide range of devices such as Windows, Mac, IOS, Android and Linux, etc.

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