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We idealize the heroes in movies and dramas but being a hero is not easy, especially in real life. Firefighters are the saviors of lives and thus the heroes of real life but aren’t credited much. This application depicts the levels of difficulty the firefighters have to overcome to save lives. So, those passionate enough to appreciate the firefighters can play this game Emergency HQ mod apk. It is a firefighting game with cases ranging from severe explosions and terrorists to simple cases like rescuing animals. You will have to control the emergency services unit to execute the plan to rescue people successfully.

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Main Features Of Emergency HQ Hack Apk:

Tackle the fire

You will come across various firefighting cases in the game and devise your strategy and plan to tackle the fire and rescue the people.

Devise strategies and manage emergency unit services

The primary goal of the game is to rescue people from burnt houses or buildings. So, you have to control the emergency services units comprising of doctors, medical personnel, firefighters, police, technical services, etc., to deal with any emergency that comes your way. You have to manage all the units and coach them to follow your devised strategy.

Build your fire protection facility

The game allows you to build your fire protection facility with the equipment you purchase with your money.

Make the perfect rescue team.

At the beginning of the game, you will be assigned only one team unit, but once you perform well in your tasks and missions and various complete levels of the game, you can upgrade your working buildings and add new members to your services team. You can assemble your perfect rescue team for dealing with emergencies. You can add an adequate number of members for each service, such as the firefighters, medical staff, and police officers, to make your facility a more extensive and more efficient staff.

Arrange missions

In emergency hq firefighter mod apk, you will mainly focus on managing and controlling the emergency services. You have to plan rescue missions and prepare your team by engaging with the medical and the crime department. keep the best coordination among teams for successful missions, control and command the rescue vehicles.

Plan routes

Whenever there is a fire situation in the game, you have to locate the fire site and guide your team to take the fastest route to extinguish the fire and save people.

Prepare squad and get ready to rescue people

Your firefighting team, medical staff, police officer, and engineers have to perform their tasks near the burning buildings, houses, or cars and catch fire. You have to ensure their safety as well by providing them with personal protective equipment. You can direct your firefighters to use fire extinguishers on areas with larger fires and, in the meanwhile, instruct the medical team to assist the rescued injured people.

Upgrade your services

The money that you earn in the game can be used to upgrade your professional team and training facility. The game provides fantastic upgrades for you to quickly expand your headquarters and improve your services by upgrading your hospitals, buildings, fire departments, rescue vehicles, fire trucks, and specialized units.

Rewards and achievements

Fabulous awards and achievements are present in the game, but you can get them based on how much time you spend on your task or complete your mission. There are several badges and are classified from bronze to platinum, based on your performance. The quicker you will perform your missions, the more are the chances of earning rewards and coins. The time limit varies from case to case. Generally, the time varies from 5 to 40 mins to direct and coach your team for a successful mission. While for significant buildings, the time range can vary from 15 minutes to more than 100 hours.

free rescue and firefighter
Mysterious chests and diamonds

Another fantastic feature of the game is that you can earn diamonds by just watching some ads. By watching each ad, you will earn two diamonds. Also, by visiting your staff and friends, you can get access to some vast, mysterious chests. Each of these chests contains two diamonds. You can enjoy the emergency hq free rescue by discovering the magic of these chests.

Earn extra money

You can earn extra money in the game by participating in other side quests, such as sending your rescue team to help with situations in some other areas. This feature of the game helps to build a sense of responsibility in the players by helping others.


The game promotes the responsible feeling of helping humanity and managing the emergency services efficiently. Cheat emergency hq mod apk provides an excellent firefighting experience and guides the players to deal with any emergency that arises. The gameplay is simple, and even a 7-year-old kid can play it easily. The interface is simple, too, with the fantastic feature of letting the players enlarge or shrink the screen size. Another great advantage of the game is that if you fail a mission or task, you have the option to restart and redo the task again.

New MOD features

  • Player’s speed multiplier
  • Menu Mod
  • Speed hack
  • Bug fixes
  • Game optimization

Download Game Emergency HQ Mod version:

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To get unlimited money in the Emergency HQ you can download the mod version of the game. The mod version gives you access to unlimited money and diamonds, plus in this version, all the features are unlocked for free.

Yes, the mod version is entirely safe to download as it has been tested on several virus scanning websites. Also, the game is entirely free to play, and you can download it and start playing without paying a single penny.

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