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Do you want to be a DJ with nothing but your phone in your pocket? Edjing Mix Mod Apk has got you covered. With the help of this app, you can mix and create new music with the music you have on your phone and that you find online such as SoundCloud and Deezer. This is a portable mixing board, so you are not required to have high knowledge of music production and can use the mixing and other features efficiently without too much effort. 

It has wide range of features and functionality, this app allows you to experience creative freedom and lets you turn your phone into a DJ setup that is similar to actual DJ setups. You can choose the music, mix it, add effects, and record sounds along with other super cool features. You can entertain your friends through this app by turning into a DJ with no effort using this app. 

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Features of Edging Mix Mod Apk Latest Version:

This Dj Mixer Apk offers you a huge variety of advanced features and brings the closest possible reproduction of real-life DJ setup on your phone. Some of the features are,


●     Quick sharing

Edjing Mod allows you to share your tracks with your friends and family quickly and easily through social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp.

●     HD recordings

This app provides you with features that will make it easy for you to record HD audio in wav format. 

●     Convert to mp3

One of the issues many of us face when recording audios on our phones is converting them to mp3 since they already aren’t. Edjing 5 full version apk allows you to convert your recordings into MP3 efficiently. 


●     Free samples

This app allows you to have your DJ setup by accessing around 16 free samples. Some of the samples are Snare, Kick, Gunshot, and Siren. 

●     Cut the pads’ sampler sound.

To cut the pads’ sampler sound, you can link the sampler with the crossfader according to the position your crossfader is in.

●     Sample Packs

In partnership with Future Loops, this app offers you around 20 sample packs. Some of the sample packs are, Dub-step, EDM, and Hip-Hop. Pro DJs create these sample packs.


●     Detect BPM of a track

This cracked version of edjing mix allows you to detect the BPM of your songs by either statistical models of sound energy or comb filter means. 

●     BPM adjustment

You can manually adjust the BPM of any track. To do so, tap on the BPM and adjust it accordingly.

●     Sync your tracks

In this DJ Music Mixer pro apk, you can experience the continuous sync and maintain the sync between the tracks as an actual DJ would do with the two records.

●     Audio spectrum

Rendered in real-time and synchronized with the music, this app offers you an audio spectrum for the navigation of your music.

●      Audio spectrum for optimized beats detection

The app offers you a wide audio spectrum for optimized beats detection to optimize beats in any track.

●     Pro sound effects

Edjing Mix full unlocked offers you a pro and special audio FX so that you can turn your track into a powerfully finished one. Some of these effects, such as Echo, Filter, Reverse, and Flanger, are highly essential for audio mixing. All of these effects are offered by this app.

●     Audio effects Expansion

You can use a wide range of audio effects on this app such as Double beat, Color Noise, Band Pass, Reverb, Roll, Steel, Phaser, Bandstop, Roll Filter, and Bandpass. By using these effects, you can take your audio mixing to a professional and advanced level. 

●     FX Sync

You can experience the automated sync of effects on the BPM through this app, for instance, Seek, Loop, Cue.

●     Customizable loops

This DJ editing app offers you loops from 1/64 to 128. You can also customize the loop according to your preference. 

●     Hot cues

On each deck, you can set around eight hot cues for editing your audio.

●     EQ and Gain

It provides you with about three EQ bands and the input level of the audio clips known as Gain. 

●     Precueing 

This is the latest version, and it allows you to precue using a headphone cable splitter. 

●     Automix

For those who find it tiring to add transitions precisely, this app offers an automix feature that allows you to add coherent transitions between your tracks.

●     Crossfader curve

With the help of a crossfader curve, you can determine the speed of your volume of each channel will increase or decrease according to the crossfader position. On this app, you have the opportunity to choose the crossfader curve. 


●     Music library

It offers you a Music library that contains a huge collection of your local music that you can access anytime and anywhere.

●     Soundcloud integration

On this Edjing pro music DJ mixer apk, you can access the music that you have on your SoundCloud account. If you have a premium SoundCloud account, you don’t have to worry about accessing your music collection since it allows you to integrate your SoundCloud with the app.

●     Multisource playlists

You can create your Multisource playlists with the music of your choice with the music from both your local streaming services and other streaming sources.

●     Smart search feature

This app makes sure that your user experience is not made complicated in any way. That is why they have added a smart search feature to the app that allows you to access all the music results you have searched for, from a single source and all of your music sources on one screen.

●     Queue

With the help of the Queue system, this app will keep your music organized and prepare for the songs that are about to play as your current track finishes. You don’t have to worry about manually choosing and playing the song of your choice.

●     Organized system

The tracks will stay organized in alphabetical order, BPM and time. This will help you sort your music efficiently and save you from wasting your time finding out the track you are looking for. 

●     Browsing

Similar to the above feature, this app saves your time by allowing you to browse your music by the title, playlist, album, and artist. 

●     AutoSave

You don’t have to worry about the data of your tracks since this Edjing full version apk will make sure that the data of your tracks, such as BPM or settings, are auto-saved without you having to save anything manually. 

●     Modification

This app offers a metadata edition to ensure that the data of your tracks get modified directly through the app. 


●     Variety

This app allows you to choose any of the four skins of Metal, Gold, Diamond, and Neon to keep your app’s interface neat. By choosing any of these, you can customize the way your app looks. 

●     Simplicity and intuitiveness 

This app provides its users with simple and intuitive features that are super easy to figure out without any extra effort. Its simple and user-friendly interface allows you to access all its features directly and quickly. 

Explore All unlocked edjing mix – free music dj mod apk

This app gives you the best user experience by its impressive features, which can often be missing in other apps. Some of the ultimate pros Edjing Premium Apk offers are, 

●     Ample Collection of Music

Edjing Mix understands that you should not compromise your creativity by any of the unnecessary restrictions and hindrances. That is why it offers you an extensive library of music to ensure that you make the best use of your creativity by providing you ample freedom. On this app, you can access the best music from the collection you have on your phone or source it from streaming platforms like SoundCloud and Deezer directly. In addition to that, you can also create multi-source playlists from different sources. This flexibility allows you to create a playlist of your own choice with no limitations to choose a single platform. 

●     Authentic experience

This app aims to provide you with the freedom to boost your creativity and offers you an extremely realistic experience to actual mixing. You can turn into a DJ at the comfort of your home using only your SmartPhone. This app should not fool you into believing that the experience will be any less than an actual DJ setup. From Pitch-Bend to crossfader control, this app contains all the essential tools necessary for any DJ setup. What’s awesome about this app is that both the newbies and the professionals can use it. 

●     Compatibility with Mixfader

Mixfader, the first wireless portable fader, is compatible with Edjing Mix paving the way for the pocket-sized DJ setup that imitates the actual vinyl and brings you the extensive portable DJ setup. That allows you to achieve the highest artistic freedom on your phone while also allowing you to feel your usual fader. 

●     Audio Analysis

With the help of CAE technology, this app provides you with precise BPM calculation on each track which allows the better beat position, improved rendering of the sound, and better structuring and rhythmic effects. 

●     Portability

Since this app provides a realistic DJ setup on your phone, you can access it anywhere and at any time. You no longer require an extensive DJ setup physically to have DJ experience since you are not bound in any manner with this app. Moreover, you can access it on both IOS and Android, so you don’t have to worry if you will or will not be able to use this app if you ever decide to switch your devices. 

Best use of Edjing Pro Apk:

Becoming a DJ is about learning the equipment and how much you enjoy the process of learning and implementing what you have learned. It is equally about entertaining yourself as much as it is about entertaining others. Though Edjing mix pro apk hacked helps with the DJ thing more fun to learn, we have some tips to have the best possible user experience with this app. 

●     Know your goals

To achieve the highest level of progress, you need first to know what you want from this app. Is it just about having fun with your friends, or do you want to pave the path for an actual career? No option is better than the other. You need first to know yourself and be self-aware about where exactly you want to take this. You can do it for the sake of having fun with friends, for the love you have for music, or are fascinated by a DJing career and want to explore it. That will help you figure out the goals you have with this app and make it easier for you to achieve them

●     Know the basics

Whether you are doing it for fun or take a professional approach to this, to move forward with your goals, learn the basics of DJing to at least have an idea of what you have to progress in. Mixing, Beatmatching, Phrasing, and EQing are some of the basic skills a DJ needs. Knowing these skills will set you up a road you need to work on and pave a path for you to flourish. With the help of these skills, you can move forward with other nuances and subtle skills. 

●     Practice

At first, you may get overwhelmed by all the subtleties of the skills and may even find yourself stuck on a rut. However, practicing is what will help you make the best use of your skills. You may not realize it at first, but as you practice, you will come across so many subtle details that you would’ve never noticed on your first attempt and learn so much. Start with easy tracks and move your way up. You can then practice on the tunes that you enjoy yourself. Build a routine and have a discipline rather than relying on motivation and remember that the hours you put in practicing your skills will guarantee the best outcome. 

What’s new on this app:

Since Edjing mix everything unlocked apk gets upgraded frequently, some of the updates on this latest version are:

  • The latest upgraded version of the app allows you to see a marker on vinyl for each cue you set.
  • The app now has two buttons for the cue. One button allows you to set the cue and the other button allows you to play it
  • To help you understand the features better, introductions on features such as Autmix, Pre cueing, and Recording. 


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You will sync the tracks you have on your phone through automatic synchronization. If there are some other tracks you want to import then you must use streaming services.

Yes. To get new samples, go to the sampler, tap the title of the current sample, and then choose to Get More Samples. Then select the sample pack you want to buy but please ensure that your connection is working.

Yes. To delete a mix, go to the library, and tap on My Sets. Then tap on My Recordings, tap on the three-dot button next to the concerned mix. Then, at last, tap on delete.

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