Drive Ahead Mod Apk 2022 All Cars Unlocked – Unlimited Bolts

DeveloperDodreams Ltd
RequirementAndroid 6.0+
Size88.8 MB
CategoryGames, Racing
Updated4 days ago

This is the best game for car lovers, full of action and fun. The game provides the players, an exciting car racing experience. Drive ahead mod apk falls under the genre of racing, driving, and fighting games. This car racing fighting game gives a vast experience to the vehicle drivers. In this game, players have to choose the best car to play on dangerous tracks. He needs to earn more points to unlock the best cars to play with from the store. To earn points in the game, you will have to crush the rival vehicles. You can prove yourself the best racer by dodging various obstacles and rough tracks. The modified feature of this game awards unlimited money, gems, bolts to unlock all the favorite cars, advance levels, and other things.

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Features Of Drives Ahead All Cars Unlocked Apk:

This game is one of the finest driving games and has simple gameplay. The controls are also easy to use. The user interface is just fantastic, making every aspect of this game perfect for the player. Any age group can easily play this game, from children to adults.

It is free

This game is free and secure to download, which makes it more popular among other car games. The latest version of this game is the drive ahead mod apk 2021 with the fantastic feature of unlimited money/gems. 

Enjoy without internet

To play this game, you don’t always need an internet connection. You can play this game with or without the internet. You can enjoy this game anywhere at any time you want.

Game plot

The plot of this game is that the player has to drive a car, and it aims to crush the opponent’s helmet to destroy the opponent. When the player’s car hits the opponent’s helmet, the opponent’s car will explode. In this way, the players can defeat the opponents. 

The player in this game aims to crush the opponent’s vehicle by crashing into it until it explodes. Therefore, it requires the player’s skills and patience to win the game.

Artificial intelligence

This game uses artificial intelligence, which makes it more appealing to the players. This game requires the players to use different types of cars to contest the artificial intelligence of this game.

Collect your favorite cars

In this game, you have more than 3000 cars to choose from them. All these vehicles have their characteristics and advantages. You can collect your favorite cars and create an army of your vehicles to fight in battles against tanks, trucks, garbage trucks, and off-road vehicles. The skillful player uses these cars to access dangerous tracks. You can play drive ahead hack apk to unlock any car that you like.

Upgrade your cars

You can create an army of your vehicles and upgrade them to win races and challenges ahead. This cracked apk version provides you with unlimited money to unlock any car and to upgrade them to any level that you like.

Save your play history

One of the best features of this game is saving your play history and starting playing the game from where you left it. Also, you can share your play history with your friends to show them how much of a fantastic driver you are. This game allows you to save each of the racing sessions. Plus, this game encourages you to upload these racing or driving sessions on social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. It is purely your choice whether you would like to share these clips on social networking sites or not.

Overcome the obstacles

In this game, you don’t only have to fight opponents, but you will have to overcome several obstacles placed in your way to win. The players will find themselves surrounded by several dangerous obstacles. You will come across various bombs, robots, aliens, dinos, and stuff you will have to avoid keeping safe and win points.

Play with friends

You can play this game with your friends. You can team up against the opponents and fight them to win challenges. This game provides the feature of two players or multiplayer on the same device, which has increased its popularity over time.

Exciting game modes

Drive ahead pro apk has three types of game modes, and the first type is the mission stadiums where the player will have to avoid obstacles to win the reward. The second type is that the players will have to participate in rift riding to unlock amazing trips. The third type is the battle tournament, where the players will compete with players worldwide.


On completion of challenges and races, the players get awarded with unique and exciting rewards. For example, if the player will win five rounds, he/she will be rewarded with a lot of money. In this way, you can easily buy vehicles from the store. This game has five levels, and whoever will win these five levels will win the game and earn the exciting reward. There are two types of prizes for the player to choose from. One is the available reward, and the second is the big one, and players can earn after watching a video. Of course, the more rewards you will win, the more cash you will have to buy new and better cars.It gives additional features which make the game more exciting and enjoyable. Some of the features are listed below.

Free of violent content

This game has no violent content and is free of anything violent such as gore and blood. It is an action game, but it is free of the essence of violence. It is an action game with a lot of adventure, so it would be best to show your best driving skills to hit your opponent and succeed in the game.


This game has a fascinating graphics theme. It uses pixel graphics to cover all the details of the car when an opponent hits it. The creative team of this game has used a modern touch of pixels to make the user’s experience enjoyable.


The sound effects of this game are astonishing and give the players a realistic feeling of driving and racing. The roaring engine and the audience are desirable and catchy for the players. The audience cheer develops a sense of confidence in the player.

Motion Effects

Amazing motion effects are used in this game, such as falling, flying, racing, bumping, crashing, etc. All these effects make this game much more interesting for the players. In addition, these effects raise the excitement level of the players.


gameplay drive ahead
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What’s new?

There are almost 40 “drive ahead mod apk old versions”, but many new features are introduced in the latest MOD version of this game.

  • Unlimited arenas
  • Unlock all helmets
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlock all cars
  • Free of advertisements
  • Unlock all levels
  • Free rift tickets
  • Unlock all missions
  • Free crafts
  • Unlock everything
  • Free of bugs
  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited bolts

Download Game Drive Ahead Mod Apk

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Drive ahead mod apk unlimited money and gems provides you with enough money to unlock any car you want. You need to download it from our website button above to access this game’s extra benefits.

In the Original game, bolts need to be earned during the game. So while downloading this mod apk unlimited bolts, you will be provided unlimited bolts and money to use them against your rival riders.

This problem can not be fixed and occurs with all modified games.

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