Dan The Man Mod Apk v.1.9.4 2022, All Characters Unlock

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In the beginning, Dan the Man Mod apk was not a game but a YouTube web series comprising multiple episodes. This web series by Joho Studio gained popularity due to its amazing similarity to old platform games. The story of this web series is about a guy named Dan who used to live with his grandmother, but he had a different approach towards life, so he ran from home. Dan lived with his girlfriend, Josie, in a village. Life was going well for both of them when one day Josie got kidnapped by some bad guys. These villains take Josie to a castle. Dan started to look for his girlfriend and wanted to fight the bad guys. Therefore, he started this adventurous journey of fighting the bad guys to find his girlfriend and save the village.

The contents of this game are ideal for a platform game. This is an adventurous game where the players can choose a hero of their own choice to fight villains in their village. In this game, the players’ mission is to help Dan fight the villains, save the village, and track down the castle where Dan’s girlfriend is captured. The latest version awards the players with modded features like unlimited money, gems, health, armors, etc. These additional benefits make the original game more enjoyable and interesting.

Features of Dan The Man Mod Apk:

This addictive action-adventure game is popular among all age groups. The gameplay is fun, easy, and user-friendly. The storyline of this game quite interesting and develops a curiosity in the players. This game offers exciting features for its fans.

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Free of Cost:

This game is free to download and play. So, action game lovers can play this game without paying anything at all.

Enjoy Without Internet

Game can be played offline, and you enjoy it without any internet signals. Therefore, to play this game, you don’t need to worry about the internet connection. However, there are a few aspects where the internet will be required, such as enjoying all the game features and keeping up the cloud save records.


There are many interesting, cute characters in this game, such as Dan, Josie, and Barry Steakfries. Barry Steakfries is a distinguished guest from the game Jetpack Joyride. Barry wanted some time off, so he took a break from the labs and came to help dan find his girlfriend. Also, other characters serve as enemies, such as ninjas, rats, robots, scorpions, and dragons. Although the modified app unlocks all characters allows the players to get any character they desire.

Unlimited Everything

Dan the man mod apk unlimited health version allows you to buy power-ups and limitless health for your characters. The players will have the choice to choose their character. They have a choice to play Dan, Josie, or Barry Steakfries as their character.
Unlimited money is a very beneficial award for the players. They can buy the latest, powerful weapons to destroy the dark forces and reach the castle early. Of course, you need to earn that money from different sources in the arena in the original game, and then you will buy costly weapons and health.

Upgrade Your Character

The players can upgrade their characters by leveling up the power and buying armor and weapons. In addition, you can train your character with new skills. To earn money, the players will have to collect money from the surrounding environment. But the mod version of this game gives the players unlimited money to upgrade their characters the way they like.

In addition, the players can buy funny and strong costumes for their characters. These costumes will not only change the look of the character but will also give them certain skills and power-ups. You can buy these costumes with money that you win on the completion of tasks and missions. Thus, you can boost the power and skills of your character by buying these outfits or costumes.

Different Enemies

The enemies in this game are equipped with multiple powers and abilities. In addition, there are strong Robot bosses who will attack the players with a variety of other enemies such as dragons, rats, etc. To defeat these strong enemies, the players will have to make their characters skilled and strong to fight back and win rewards. The players will have to skill up and use various upgraded weapons to kill these enemies.

Game Modes

There are three game modes; the first one is the “story mode,” consisting of twelve stages with exciting quests to help the players learn more about the game world. The other two modes of this game are battle, adventure, and survival modes. Story mode helps the players become familiar with Dan’s background story and his future missions and plans. The players can test their fighting skills in battle mode by beating enemies. The players can play this game in any of the modes they like or play in multi-modes. In multiplayer mode, you can enjoy playing this game with your friends, or you can compete with the best players around the world. In “battle mode,” the players will have to defeat enemies to win the game. Whereas in “survival mode,” the players will have to complete certain missions and tasks to succeed and win prizes.


This game offers various weapons for the players, such as darts, knives, Barry’s guns, shuriken, etc. The players can pick their favorite weapons and upgrade them too.

Upgrade Your Weapons

The players can not only upgrade their characters, but they can upgrade their weapons too. The players need to collect coins to upgrade their weapons or download this Hacked apk of dan the man that provides the players with enough money to upgrade the weapons and increase their power.

Game Controls

The interface of this game is user-friendly. The controls of this game are very simple and easy to use. It has five main control buttons left, right, jump, shoot and attack. Various attack moves can be made by coming different keys. The players easily get used to the controls of this game. The touch controls are excellent to use by the players.

Mission and Challenges

The players will come across various adventurous missions where they will have to solve complex puzzles, solve mysteries, fight enemies and avoid traps to pass the game levels. The players will enjoy different scenarios ranging from harmless to risky ones. On completion of different tasks, the players will be able to level up and advance to the next levels of the game. However, the difficulty level increases at every stage, and the players will have to be on their toes to keep fighting more and more powerful enemies each time.

Hidden Areas

An interesting feature of this game is that it has levels and stages, but also, the players can discover hidden places. In this way, they can discover unseen places and earn amazing rewards. So if the players wish to spend more time playing the game, they can unveil many hidden areas and win rewards.


This game provides a map for the players to navigate and track their way to victory. With the help of this map, while earning money on their way, the players can track down their destination and proceed accordingly.


The graphics of this game are simple but amazing. It uses 8-bit 2D graphics. The vibrant color scheme makes the game more eye-catching. The design of the characters and the environment is very interesting. It is an enjoyable game for action lovers. This game provides a sufficient and smooth gaming experience to the players.


This game has a simple but wonderful audio track choice. The soundtrack develops a sense of excitement in the player. The players can adjust the music according to their desire or even mute the music. Cute language is used to communicate between the characters, which makes the sound effects even more interesting.

What’s new?

It takes ages to get enough coins and money to buy costumes and health, but with the modified version, exciting features are offered by Dan the man mod apk premium unlocked. These unlocked features make the game more interesting for the players.

  • Unlimited money
  • Bug-free
  • Unlimited gems
  • New Costumes
  • Unlimited characters
  • New events
  • Unlimited health
  • Advertisement free
  • Unlock all modes
  • New rewards


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You can download the version Dan the man mod apk(unlimited gems) to unlock all the available features. The download button is given above, and the procedure is straightforward and safe.

You can get unlimited money and gems by the latest mod version of the original game, present on our website to download. These costumes proved to be very powerful against the dark forces.

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