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Narrative games allow you to unleash your creativity and turn your imagination into reality. Since the player is in control of how they want to proceed with the story, they are a great way of escaping from our lives for a while and take our mind off of what has been bothering us. Choices Mod Apk is one of such exceptional games. 

Developed by the Pixelberry team, it is created by the most game-experienced writers in the industry. It is a text-based story game in which your choice will decide the outcome of the story. It will take you into another world and will let you customize your story, along with your own characters. You will basically live the lives of characters in the game for them and help them fall in love, find a job, solve crimes and go with them on epic adventures.

Every person has their dream life, and not everyone can achieve that in the real world due to multiple factors. Choices mod apk brings the opportunity to live the life that you dream. You can choose drama, romance, horror, and many others stories as per your choice. The particular character will be given once you choose the level, and then you can customize your character according to your requirements.

Features of Choices Mod Apk:

This narrative interacting game offers many exciting features. Some of the features of this game are,


This game does not force its decisions on you. As the name suggests, Choices allows you to customize your characters as per your choices. You can select the gender, their hairstyles, their features, and so much more. This allows you to bring your fantasy into reality. In addition to that, you can choose the story you want to play in your own favorite genre and how the story proceeds depends entirely upon the response you choose. This way, you can build your own imaginative world and play with the characters in it. 


There is so much variety in the game that you will never get bored. There are tons of stories in a wide range of genres so that you can pick the story you want to play in the genre that you like any time you want. From romance to thrillers, you can build any narrative that you’d like. Not only that, the stories aren’t limited to a few in each genre, but there is a huge variety in all genres, which makes this game super exciting and diverse.


Not everyone is technologically efficient, nor does everyone have to be. This game is super intuitive and provides an easy interface so that we can all sign up and play easily. It does not contain difficult nuances, nor does it have tricky scenarios. From signing up, choosing what story we want to play, and actually playing the game, everything is super simple to figure out. You don’t have to waste a long time trying to understand what is going on with the app and can jump right in to play.

No Ads

Ads are the enemies of the user experience. Oftentimes the ads are the culprit that forces us out of the games we love and eventually make us delete the app forever. Those sudden horrible auto-playing ads with their loud background tracks end up making us try to mute the volume on our phones. Choices VIP Mod Apk understands that players enjoying their games are important and ensure that your experience is the highest priority. The game does not include annoying ads in the app so that you can enjoy the game smoothly without ads popping up every few minutes.

Save your progress effortlessly 

Choices: Stories You Play does not require you to waste your time and go through demanding steps in order to save your progress. You can save your progress in the simplest ways and super quickly. If the update comes around, it is not advisable to log in to Gmail on the Mod version but you can connect to Facebook to save your progress so that you can install the latest version when the update comes. 

Weekly updates 

The stories are not limited at all, and your collection is not just limited to what you are playing at the moment. Every week, new chapters are updated in all the stories with exciting synopsis to keep your plotline going. Along with that, Choices Mod Apk all unlocked comes up with new books with exciting plotlines from time to time, keeping the game from getting dull and boring.

Free to play

Who does not love playing free games? Do you not just hate it when you are super involved in the game and realize that your new favorite game requires you to spend money in order for you to proceed further in the game? Or when you are too focused on the game to notice you’ve spent tons of money on it. 

Choices hack Mod Apk is entirely free to play and does not require you to buy it or spend money on it. Though the app does contain in-app purchases, they are completely optional, and you can always restrict them through the play store. You can spend money of your own will if you would like, but your experience in this game is not affected in any way by you not spending any penny on it. You can enjoy it completely free with no further purchases or memberships if that is not what you prefer. 

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Let your character fall in love and help them choose their best choice for the date. Gradually build and maintain a relationship.


The mystery is one of the most played story genres in the game. Take your character on an exciting journey and unleash the mystery that comes your way.


Get your character into exciting but unpredictable horror situations. Have a virtual world experience of horror scenarios written by experienced writers of the genre. 

Science Fiction

Quench your curious thirst by exploring imaginative futures and technological developments in this game. 

Choices: Stories You Play

It was initially launched with only three stories with only three genres, Romance, Fantasy, and Mystery. However, over time the game has been upgraded with a huge variety of stories that you can play. Not only that, the game is still getting upgraded and keeps launching new stories,

Some of the countries may block the stories and won’t allow you to play all stories. In that case, you can download expressvpn mod apk to access all the stories according to your choice.

The Freshman, Book 1

In Freshman, Book 1, you are a student of Hartfield University. In this series, you can make lifelong friends, and you may find your one true love. You’ll be able to dress with the latest fashion outfits, choose your date, and help your friends as you all go through freshman adventures. 

The Crown and the Flame, Book 1

What would you do if your enemies got hold of your kingdom? In this series, you can raise your army and reclaim your throne. You can find your allies and build an army, be pro at unique weapons and make a decision between ball gowns or armors. Destroy your enemies with your army on the battlefield. 

Most wanted, Book 1

Do you want to play a mystery narrative? Most Wanted to get you covered in this one. Catch the killer as US Texas Marshal, and the Hollywood detective is assigned to catch the hitman. In this book of Choices Mod Apk, you can either play as Marshal or the detective and stop the killer by examining the crime scenes and by investigating the mystery murder. 

Rules of Engagement, Book 1

Being rich is the dream of many. Most have to work and build up their startup to actually have their dream come true, but what if you suddenly learn one day as you’re on a trip to Europe that you’re in line for multi-million dollar inheritance? However, it’s not that simple. You have to get married by the end of summer in order to actually receive the inheritance.

Perfect Match

Do you love mystery along with romance? Perfect Match is definitely the perfect Match for you then. Register for the advanced matchmaking services of Eros Incorporated and customized your date to match your requirements, be able to play as either a guy or a girl, and solve the mysterious twists that come along your way. 

High school teen

Do you miss your high school years and wish that you lived them better? With the help of this story High School Teen, relive your high school days by making friends, finding your high school love, and attending the homecoming dance. Make the best of your high school this time if you weren’t able to do so back in your days in high school. 

Big Sky Country

What will you do if a sinister figure threatens the family you visited as a guest? Save the two feuding families by bringing them together in this series, Big Sky Country, so that their farm can be saved from a shrewd and fraudulent businessman, Garret Redmond, who tries to pressurize the family. 

Mother of the year

Your character is going to start a new life with her daughter until her ex-husband, Guy Ledford, arrives to mess everything up. Ledford appears to be a caring and gentle father, but in reality, he’s manipulative and deceptive. Win his girlfriend up, and make her testify against him in court. If you don’t, she will support him in court, making you lose the case. Make the right choices. 

The Elementalist

Your character is a college student at the Penderghast College of Elemental Magicks. They learn that they are being targeted by an enemy. Your character suddenly learns that they are one of the most powerful magick wielders on the planet. They can learn spells throughout the year, and once they’ve learned the whole book of spells, they will reach the top of their class and will eventually unlock a special bonus by the end. 

My first two loves

In this romantic comedy, explore the comic sides of romance by helping your character get the courage to tell their best friend that they are in love with him. Your choices decide the future of your character. This sweet but funny romance will sure keep you entertained as your character develops their high school chemistry and finds their way out of problems. 

Open Heart

Your character is a first-year intern at Edenbrook Hospital and must learn to deal with the nuances of their job. Along with the pressure of their new job, they also must deal with one of the colleagues who are constantly jealous of them, a suspicious businessman, and also learn what a good doctor has to do. You will help your character go along this journey and find the solutions in an environment that is entirely new to them. The series is on its third book, which involves your character dealing with the final year of their residency. 

Tips and Tricks for Premium choices apk:

Beat Severin in Crown and the Flame 

In order to beat Severin in chapter 6 of Crown and the flame, remember the strategic talk your character did with Gabriel and have patience.

Get through the labyrinth.

If you have a hard time going through the labyrinth, then remember that it takes two shots of actions with a Gear Axe and 4 with a Short Sword to bring Mechataur down. Only dodge and attack as per its moves. 

What’s New :

The latest updated version of Choices Mod Apk offers you exciting updates such as, 

Laws of Attraction: 

This latest story brings you into the world of laws and love. Assist your character as they move from a small law firm in a small town to a reputable law firm in New York. Help them with their new life at their new job and help them make wise decisions to get out of tricky situations and dealing with love.

New Chapters

Be ready for the latest chapters in My Two First Loves that involve a new year in the school and for the exciting and entertaining new chapters in both Slow Burn and Foreign affairs. 


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Unfortunately, no you cannot play this game on your PC as this game is only available on phones.

You can save your progress by connecting the game with your Facebook account. However, in order to log in with Facebook, uninstall the official app first and then tap on sign in with Facebook.

For now, you can only play this game in English. However, the developers are hoping to add more languages in the future. For now, there are translations of books available in Spanish.

Yes. You can do so by tapping on its cover and tapping on the restart button.

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