Bike Racing Mod Apk 2022 All Bikes Unlocked – Three Modes Of Game

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We all dream about having a bike and the freedom of riding it so that we can go wherever we want, whenever we want. Now, if you are young guy and love bikes, then bike racing mod apk is not the game to be overlooked. Get ready to go out, explore the world, mess around, and make new friends. You can enjoy heavy tracks, dangerous stunts, and tremendous speed. All you have to do is race fast against other bikes on the road and avoid them like a pro. You can drive your bike along a track, collect coins, and compete with other bikes.

List of Mod’s: ApkModStudio

Highlights of Dream bike racing mod apk

You can choose between 5 incredible bikes in the game, all bikes are unlocked, and each bike has its unique look, features, and characteristics. Each bike is suitable for a specific racing track or activity. You can select the bike based on your skill level. The most basic bike will suit all types of courses. It is suitable for beginners to take part in competitions or races. Racing bikes are ideal for racing on different techniques and increase your speed to the maximum.

Steer your bike

Tap the screen to steer the bike. The gameplay is simple you have to avoid all the bikes on the road and don’t crash into anything. You can control your bike using simple touch options. You can tap left or right to direct your bike. Tap up to accelerate the bike and tap down to apply brakes or to control speed. You can double-tap to perform stunts such as flip or jump.

Go fast

At the beginning of the game, you have to ride your bike and speed up. But as you progress, the game gets more complicated. So, you have first to learn how to control the bike, and then you need to know how to perform tricks, elements such as jumps and flips. Once you master the art of riding a bike, you can speed up all you want. You can pull off amazing stunts with your coordination and incredible movements.

All Bike Unlocked
Avoid crashing your bike

The difficulty level will keep on escalating to keep you engaged so avoid obstacles and don’t crash your bike. The first and most important thing in the Bike race hack apk when riding the bike on the road is choosing the right path to avoid a crash. This will help you learn how to avoid collisions. By dodging the obstacles, you can earn coins.

Collect coins and unlock new tracks

The game has exciting tracks to drive your bike. You can ride your bike on several tracks like mountains, deserts, forests, etc. You can earn coins from the game and unlock new tracks. Earn coins/gems by simply racing. You can also get coins by racing on different tracks.

Customize your bike

Collect coins during the game, and you can buy things. You can use the coins to buy accessories for your bike, and customize your bike with different accessories and increase your speed. You can upgrade your bike to boost its velocity and stability to succeed in the challenges and competitions. Plus, you can get daily rewards in the game if you are active enough to compete in a few races every day. Use your bike for racing every day in the game and upgrade your bike and get rewards. You can also upgrade bike parts. It comes with a wide range of options.

Exciting tracks

In Bike race mod apk everything unlocked. There are 60 different tracks available, and each track has its challenges. You can enjoy various setups and multiple objective tracks. The tracks include city roads, stadiums, mountains, off roads, deserts, etc. These tracks are filled with bumps, jumps, and curvy paths. This high-speed bike racing game is full of action, adventure, and excitement.

off road track

Game Modes

You can play the game in various modes such as Teach mode, Race mode, Time Trial mode, Single-player mode, and Multiplayer mode.

  • Teaching mode you can look for hints whenever you need help.
  • Race mode, you can participate in numerous competitions and challenges with other players.
  • Time trial mode, you will have to complete the race in the specified time.

You can play this game either in the single-player mode or multiplayer mode along with your friends.


There are many unique achievements such as you can unlock the next level or unlock the awesome garage for your bikes. You can get amazing power-ups and upgrades for your bike. These upgrades can help you increase your speed or customize your bike with accessories. You can even win different bike accessories and level upgrades by completing challenges and competitions.

MOD Features

There are many mods for the game, which have improved the game performance. It is really interesting because the players have unlimited money to buy all the items and features in the game. Following are the Mod features:

  • Unlimited coins
  • Bug fixes
  • No ads


Bike racing mod apk is a popular android game. You can find many challenges and experiences in this game. The game contains speed, elements, tricks, and leaps. It has great graphics, smooth gameplay, and simple controls. The players indulge themselves in the challenges of the game. They try to gain a lot of coins to unlock new items for the game. Overall, this game is worth playing for bike lovers. It is one of the most thrilling racing simulation games.

Bike Racing 3d Game Download:

Rating : 4.9

Review : 826

Highest Review : 5

Lowest Review : 1


Thanks to the offline elements of the game, you can now engage yourself in the awesome gameplay even without an internet connection. This feature makes the game more accessible and you can enjoy it outdoor as well.

You can collect coins during the game, and once you have enough coins you can buy things and unlock the game levels. You can search for bike racing 2021 mod apk unlimited money to get unlimited coins and money in the game.

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