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With the advancement of technology, now a person can communicate all over the globe. Everyone has friends and followers from the whole world and wants to maintain that social circle. For this purpose, there exist social applications which allow users to engage with their fans more effectively. One highly engaging and interacting social App is Bigo Live hack diamond which has limitless and matchless features, attracting the young generation who love daily live streaming.

People are more inclined to socialize their lives and want to make huge fan followings from the whole world. It is the best Application for those who want to show their talent like singing, dancing, cooking or sharing daily routine to the world. You can expand your social network by making new friends, meeting new people in the live sessions, and get inspiration from artists. But original app gives limited access to the live stream. You need to buy diamonds and beans to access those paid video streams. Mod apk of Bigo Live unlocks this feature for you by awarding unlimited diamonds/coins/beans to the users.

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Features Of Bigo Live Mod Premium Apk:

This social network has a big community, and over 400 million users worldwide use this Application. Some of the features are listed here:


This app has millions of active users so that you can watch live streaming of your favorite celebrities anytime. Or you can go live and share your daily routine or any skill with your fans and expand your followers worldwide. This is the best entertaining app and a good time pass. You can make new friends and watch others people’s live talent and inspire from them. 


If you are a dancer, singer, blogger, picky eater, or comedian, you can make vlogs and share them with the world. You can engage people in broadcast and become a star. People love to watch your vlogs; they will share diamonds and beans with you. They will reward you with unique gifts, a fantastic way to become a star. Diamond and beans are paid features. If you want them free, download the “bigo live stream mod apk” from this page below.

Live Video Chat and Voice Chat

This app’s fantastic feature is that you can video chat live with your friends and community for free. You can find a perfect match according to your personality this way. It is also beneficial to ask a “Love Guru” who gives you the best relationship advice. You can go live and show your talent or acting skills. You can make a group of 9 persons and live video call them. There is some other good video call communicating applications like azwhatsapp apk.

Live Gaming

The exceptional feature is to stream live games to the world or watch others playing the game. Well-known games are live-streamed 24/7, like PUBG, Dota 2, COD, Rule of survivals, and many more. This feature is best for game lovers all around the world.

Unlimited Diamonds, coins and beans

Original Application needs to purchase diamonds and beans to watch live streaming videos of famous broadcasters and celebrities. While this feature can be awarded for free if you download the mod apk of Bigo Live. For the better user experience and level Up access, these are awarded free for users who download the apk file from our web page below.

Dare Your Friends

Like all other social platforms, this app also offers you to follow each other. You can dare your friends and this way you can win beans and diamonds. If you beat your friend, he will be punished, and you will be rewarded with beans/ diamonds. 

Group Chat

With Bigo live unlimited Diamonds, you can do one-to-one live video chat, or else you can make a group of your team from all over the world. A group of 9 persons can be made to video or voice chat with each other. 

Prank Videos

People are fond of watching prank videos, and it will get more fun if it is live-streamed. The best entertainment you can experience on this apk while watching prank videos.

Live PK Challenge

Bigo Live Mega Mod apk offers you to play live PK Challenge. The one who gets more focus and supporters will win the PK, and the other needs to get disciplines.

Effects and Filters

To make appealing videos, It has various effects that you can apply and engage your fans. You can become a role model for them by using desired filters. People love to watch amazing videos, and you can catch their attention by using this trick. The more cool filters you try to engage, the more people will share beans with you and more money you can make.

Positives and negetives of Bigo Live Hack Apk:


  • If you are an artist, you can recognize your art to the world without boundaries.
  • As an influencer or a picky eater, you can engage your fans with your daily routine by making live videos.
  • You can become a star among your friends, family, and fans. 
  • You can earn money from Bigo by becoming an influencer and sharing interactive and engaging videos with people.
  • Killing boredom as you can watch any live videos 24/7 according to your taste.
  • Bigo Live apk offers you to share your gaming live stream with your fans.
  • Ad-free experience in “Bigo Live” Mod Apk.


  • Logging in is problematic, as it asks for much information on the log-in page.
  • It consumes a lot of battery even while not using the app.
  • Bigo Live stream premium apk has abusive comments and adult content, so parent’s consent is most important in this case. They should pay attention to the under-age children.
  • It consumes many bytes of data while loading high-quality video streams.
  • App get disconnected many times.
  • If not using mod apk of bigo, you cannot level up your grade without earning beans and diamonds.

What’s New:

  • Unlimited Diamonds/ Beans
  • PK Challenge
  • Better User interface
  • Photo effects and filters

Installation Guide:

How to install Bigo Live in android

Download Latest Version Of Bigo Live Mod Money Apk:

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 Yes, like all other social platforms, Bigo also encrypts your chats and protects users’ privacy.

By installing Mod Apk of Bigo Live, you can watch paid live streams of your favorite personality sitting from home. You need to share your rewarded diamonds with the broadcasters and watch their videos for free.

210 Bigo beans = 1 USD Dollar. If you earn maximum beans from broadcasting and encashing gifts from your fan followers, you can convert them to real money.

 There exist certain targets which you need to achieve on time. Further, you can broadcast and engage your fans and earn virtual gifts from them. Virtual gifts can be later encashed to real money.

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