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DeveloperAli Al-Zaibi
RequirementAndroid 5.1+
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This apk is considered a MOD of the original WhatsApp with increased options and features. It provides the user with a wide range of security and freedom to connect with their loved ones and carry out the business meeting freely on AZWhatsApp apk without any hesitation. This Platform provides End-to-end encrypted chats to its users, which is considered the safest one. One can use its service from anywhere in the world. An additional benefit of this application is that you can send or receive emails through this Application with a high level of security.

Though identical, this version contains the freshest and the latest features, making it slightly different and better than other Mod versions. You can use his version simultaneously with the official app and the other mod versions. Features like app lock and translator make it one of the best choices of Mod versions out there. It is designed to contain features that will make our user experience better.

AZWhatsapp APK top features:

People are fans of Premium versions despite the official app because of their variety and wide range of features not present in the official version. AZWA APK being the latest, offers the best and most exciting features and functionalities that aren’t already available in the official version and not in other Mod versions. Some of its features are

Message scheduling

Scheduling is extremely important when it comes to texting people who live in different time zones than us. For us, it might be just 10 AM but sending texts according to our time zones isn’t always the best decision. Our text might disturb someone at midnight. To ensure we send texts at the right hour without disturbing our schedule and clock, we can schedule our emails to send at a certain time. For a long time, scheduling emails have been possible, but sadly scheduling text messages has never been an option. However, now it’s not just limited to our emails. In a modified version, it allows us to schedule our texts to send them at the desired time without having to send them manually.

Downloading status

Have you ever come across status and immediately fell in love with it? Be it a quotation or a video, and we have all wanted to download a certain status at some point in our lives. Unfortunately, the official version does not come up with this feature. Still, no worries since this version of whatsapp allow us to easily and quickly download the statuses of our contacts. Now you can download that funny video you came across on your friend’s status easily.

Auto reply to specific contacts

It is important to take a break from all the hustle and bustle of our lives to keep our minds sane and keep our bodies functioning. Because of all the latest technology and ease of communication, we, unfortunately, cannot leave our work at our office. Even at home, we receive work texts not allowing us to take a break and balance our work lives with our personal lives. That is why auto-reply features are extremely crucial, but we don’t have them in the official app. However, the developer has added these features that will allow us to auto-reply to selected contacts. This way, we can set an autoresponder for our work contacts when we’re at home and bond with our friends and family and vice versa.

Block calls secretly

Blocking calls is not an option in the official app. We have to block the number if we don’t want to receive their calls or texts. When we block numbers, the user of that number will not see the ringing when they call us. It only shows “calling,” making it easy for them to know that you are not receiving their calls. But with this latest application, you can easily block calls without blocking the number itself, and the contact will still see the ringing, but you will not receive the call. 

Longer About section

Restrictions on apps always leave us frustrated as it takes away from the freedom that is the basic right of all of us. We all want to add in a longer about section, but with Whatsapp’s limit of 139 characters in the about section, we cannot exceed further. Fortunately, mod APK does not have this restriction at all. Since it is designed to make these features more advanced and fun, it allows up to 250 characters to give users the freedom they want and deserve.

Sending videos of up to 50 MB

Like with the section, the restriction of only sending 16 MB videos takes away from the user experience. There are times when we want to send longer and higher quality videos to our friends and family. Still, since the original version only allows sending videos of the size 16MB or less, we sadly cannot do so and have to find other harder and take longer alternatives. However, this version aims to provide you with the best WhatsApp experience by allowing you to send videos up to the size of 50MB. 

Convert video to GIF

Converting video to GIF can usually be hard and require a lot of effort, but it has never been easy. With AZWhatsApp APK, you can easily and quickly convert videos or your friends’ videos to GIF without any hassle or effort. Now you can make GIFs of those funny gestures your friend did and share a laugh with your friends by sharing the GIF with them.


Language is a means of communication. It allows us to communicate and express ourselves and makes cooperation in society possible. It should never be a barrier when it comes to using an app or conversing with a friend. The developers of AZWhatsapp want you not to feel left out because of your language fluency or feel restricted to text in only one language. That is why they have added features that will allow you to communicate in more than 15 languages. however, some countries have restrictions to use this, but you can use this by installing the SurfShark mod apk


Do you have a friend you met recently but cannot communicate with because of the language barrier? Or do you have an employee who does an excellent job at his work but is having difficulty understanding your instructions because of his language fluency? No worries. Modded application has got your back. This modified version of WhatsApp allows you to translate the text from one language to another. Now you no longer have to worry about language barriers


Every human being is different. We all have different choices and different likes and dislikes. It is a basic right of every human being to get an equal opportunity to practice what they like and eliminate what they don’t like. Though this freedom is often preached, most apps don’t offer it. The developer understands that all users are different, so each user should get an opportunity to customize their experience in the way they want. That is why this app allows its users to customize various parts of the app, such as the status bar, background, Icon, and navigation bar, etc.

App lock

We cannot always save our phones from getting into the hands of others. In that case, app locks are highly useful and can sometimes be super necessary to keep the intruders from accessing your apps. Especially when it comes to texting, one should always care about their privacy and not intrude and read the text messages of others. This premium apk version allows you to set a password or a PIN on your app so that you can secure your chats by blocking the access of anyone other than you.

Chat lock

As mentioned before, privacy should be our number one concern regarding our text messages as they are highly personal and private. Perhaps there are certain chats that you don’t want others to see and want to keep private. Though app locks are useful, you may not always want to set a password on the whole app. Now you don’t have to worry about locking the whole app when you want to set a password on only a few chats since on this app. You can set a password on selected chats keeping the intruders from accessing or reading your chats. 

High privacy

Privacy is extremely crucial. Though the official app offers encryption and some of the other privacy features, some of the features that the official version is lacking are still lacking. With this mod of the app, you can control and customize all the privacy settings and remain completely private according to your own choices by selecting preferable options. For instance, you can keep the ticks, typing status, recording status, and receipts, etc., entirely private without anyone ever finding out. 

Run simultaneously with the official app

Mod versions are really popular, but a lot of times, they require us to delete the official app before downloading. However, wouldn’t it be great if you don’t have to go through all that hassle anymore? One of the best things about this apk is that you don’t need to uninstall or delete the official app to download this mod apk. Without needing to root your device, you can use both the official app and this version simultaneously without deleting any of them.

Do not disturb mode.

As mentioned earlier, taking a break is important. All this digital clutter can take a toll on our mental health. With the help of the Do not disturb mode on AZWA APKyou can disconnect the internet connection of your app without having to turn your WiFi or Mobile data off. Now rest and use your phone without worrying about the constant text messages you’re receiving.  

Variety of themes

Do you ever want to try different themes on your app? Yes, it’s completely possible to set themes according to your preference and choice now. Customizable experience is the reason why so many people prefer the Mod version rather than the official app. This mod of whatsapp will provide you with an exciting variety of themes that will make your texting experience fun and allow you to choose your interface according to your preference

Undeletable texts

Though deletable texts can prove advantageous in some ways, usually in the official app, deleted texts can make us miss out on what the other person texted, leaving us curious. In this version of the app, however, the sender will not delete messages for you. That prevents the message from being deleted for you, and you will easily see the text. 

What’s new :

  • Anti-ban update which prevents WhatsApp from banning you for using the Mod version
  • Extended expiration date
  • You can see messages that the sender has deleted
  • Search for themes in the theme store
  • New fonts
  • You can change the shape of the floating button
  • Block calls secretly
  • Copy any part of the text
  • Convert videos to GIFs
  • Language updates
  • Bug fixes
  • Improved performance

Installation Guide for AZWhatsapp mod:

Installing AZWhatsApp APK is really simple and quick. You are not required to delete the official app if you already have it. Follow these steps to quickly download and install the app.

  1. Backup the chat on the official app.
  2. If this is your first time installing an APK on your phone, then go to your phone settings, then security, and then allow the installation of unknown sources.
  3. Tap on the download button below.
  4. After it is done downloading, go to the file manager on your phone and tap on the file. It will start the installation.
  5. After installation, add your phone number to verify your account.
  6. You are ready to use it.


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It is a modified version of WhatsApp with more features and customization options.

This version contains many new features that are not present in the official app and has many options for customization to set it according to your preferences.

The version has an anti-ban upgrade, but it is still recommended that you don’t use your actual number but use a temporary number.

The prominent features of this version are, translator, being able to send videos of up to 50mbs, and setting a password on chats.

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